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My paleo journal

I will be tracking my paleo detox this month. If you're looking to try paleo in a realistic way, join in. Here is the link, which is now available on the top tab of wodville, under wodville kitchen!

Hope to hear about your paleo adventure!

VSXUS promocode included!!!!

Last month Heidi and I received a package in the mail that very much excited us. We often get deliveries, but this one was a little extra special. We are big fans of the WODGERS 1.0 shirt. So naturally when we got our WODGERS 2.0 in the mail, Heidi and I did the happy dance. This is our third review that we have done for VSXUS. This SoCal based Crossfit Apparel Company has some awesome stuff since they’ve managed to keep it simple with well designed T-shirts, Crossfit shorts, SoxBox custom socks and hats.

Over the last few years we have become good friends with owner Christian Martinez, and we’ve got to give mad kudos to him on awesome products produced. Extremely soft and superbly comfortable, the latest by VSXUS are examples of truly great products.
If you're looking for a Christmas gift for that special CrossFit or Crossfit Dodger fan, then boy, do they have the product for you! By the way, they do have many more designs for all CrossFitters. They have also recently opened a Crossfit location: CROSSFIT DOWNTOWN SANTA ANA.

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Original SWAT

Original SWAT

Over the last few months, I have been wearing Original SWAT boots as my patrol boots in my various tactical environments. I’ve worn Original SWATs before, many years ago, but it has been a while since I've had their gear guarding my feet. First off, both the tans (tactical boots) and blacks (patrol) are extremely comfortable. They have been great for ankle support and, to this day, still have yet to let me down in terms of durability. The tan tactical pair that I've been wearing have done Physical training in way of running and CrossFit style workouts. I have also done some rucksack training while wearing the boots as well. To say I love them would be an understatement.

I have worn some boots that, at the end of your shift, leave your feet feeling beat up and wanting to do all but work. This is simply not the case with either pair of the Original SWATs that I received. Both are sturdy, but also have that comfortable tennis shoe feel that I enjoy.

There is no question that I absolutely love the direction that Original SWAT is going in. Their customer service, public relations, and marketing are second to none because they truly stand behind their product! I have been following them for some time via social media and have come to know that they have a great marketing and social media strategy.

They are also strong supporters of law-enforcement and first responders! If you have never looked at Original SWAT or it has been a long time since you've seen Original SWAT, it is time to check them out! You will not be disappointed; they are a first class product!
The H.A.W.K. 9” Side-Zip combines their latest Flex-Lite Support System build technology with performance features like no other tactical boot. Designed to deliver performance and durability first, this boot takes every measure to ensure technical lightweight standards are met. Operate confidently no matter how specialized the needs of your next call may be.


  • Leather / durable nylon mesh upper
  • YKK® side-zipper in durable Vision pattern for easy on and off fit with hook and loop tab-stay closure
  • Meets the EN 20347 standard for occupational footwear with fuel oil resistance and SRC rated slip resistance
  • Gusseted tongue to keep dirt and debris out
  • Durable polymer speed laces eyelets
  • Tactical performance non-slip laces
  • Flex-Lite Support System build technology
  • Moisture-wicking lining with AEGIS antimicrobial protection
  • Removable custom fit EVA insole
  • TPU heel stabilizer for custom fit and stability
  • Lightweight molded dual density EVA midsole with shock absorption zone for comfort and fatigue control
  • Exclusive airport-friendly Flex-Lite molded nylon stability board with torsional support ridges for the ultimate in lightweight, flexible support and performance
  • Custom-molded thermoplastic heel counter and toe box for instant comfort and lateral support
  • Stitched toe for durability and extended service life
  • Tec Tuff abrasion-resistant toe and heel panel protection
  • H.A.W.K. outsole: lightweight, arch ladder grips, toe grips for climbing, oil resistant, non-marking rubber, exceeds the ASTM F489-96 safety standard for slip resistance
  • 31 oz. (879 g)



As you have read of late, we have started diving into writing some tactical reviews. So we are going to tackle a tactical product for ya, SWAT T. This is a Tourniquet, but not just any tourniquet.

 Its small and easy to keep on your person. For our First Responders you can keep this in a side pocket or in your vest.  It also can serve as pressure dressing or elastic bandage. As a tactical operator this is an item that I keep on my person. It is quickly accessible as I keep it stored behind my soft plate.

After receiving a shipment of SWAT T, Our team medic did training for us and it was amazing how simple the process was to apply and use the SWAT T.  This product could truly save someone’s life or even my own.

They come in two colors: tactical black and rescue orange. The awesome part of this product is that they keep the directions and instructions on the tourniquet itself. Telling you what you need to do in order to use it for what kind of injury you're dealing with. On their website they referred to it as being unique in multipurpose dressing and that it is. The process is simple you stretch, you wrap, and tuck!

Most of the websites sell the product for under $15. It is easy to store and to keep on your person and easy to open package and apply tourniquet quickly. I encourage you to log onto their website and find a vendor that you can purchase from.

Excellent product and truly is an item that could save your life. SUPER PRODUCT



A few years ago when we started, there were a handful of companies that I was truly excited about reaching out to and writing reviews for. There is no question that 2pood was one of those companies.

To say the least, when it comes to design, function and appearance, (we all know that this is one of the main reasons you by some of your gear) 2Pood has hit it out of the park. Most of my CrossFit shorts only have one small side pocket; enough to maybe hold my cell phone but not keep it secure while running or needing to run into town. The new digital camo pair (Pendleton 1) that I received in the mail, which has three different pockets on it, is AWESOME! See the photos below. The Pendleton 1 (Ruck) Shorts could very well be one of my favorite pairs of shorts that I own, and that is saying a lot coming from a guy who probably owns about 30 pair of CrossFit shorts.

So this last go-around, Heidi received a couple pairs of shorts and I received a couple pairs. To say that we are fans of 2Pood gear would definitely be an understatement. The pair that I reviewed a year and a half ago is still one of my favorite pairs to wear while working out.

We also received one of their new weight belts that I have used 5 to 6 times over the last two weeks. Specifically, it is the Devil Dog Metcon Training Belt that was a limited edition belt they came out with. I love the design and how they implemented their logo in the front of the belt, it's firm and doesn't slide up and down your back as you are doing your back squats, snatches and other movements etc.
Heidi got 2poods Podium Dusk shorts and loves them. She wears them from time to time to work out but absolutely loves to wear them casually as well. She likes the give on the sides and how she has full range of movement while doing squats or burpees.

2pood also offers pants, compression shirts, hoodies and other CrossFit items. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for that special CrossFitter, I guarantee you can fill that Christmas gift from their website.

They also have wrist wraps, coffee mugs, knee braces, kneepads, compression socks, hats, protein shakers, backpacks, beanies, and headbands. I strongly encourage you to log onto their website and check out all the extra stuff they have.

But let's not lose sight of what they specialize in and that is the sweet action shorts that will turn heads in any box or gym you walk into. As everyone knows by now, we are patriotic in a big way. It only takes you a few moments on their website to realized 2Pood is as well, and for that, we here at WODville absolutely love this company and their gear.


As most of our readers know, we have done a few reviews now for Brute Force. And if you've read our prior reviews, you know how we feel about this veteran owned company. Customer service is fantastic and a few months back we received their Axle/ Fat Bar from them to review. In four years of CrossFitting, we have never used a fat bar. Since then we have used this awesome piece of equipment for overhead lunges, deadlifts, and overhead squats.

I strongly believe that it has improved and increased our hand, finger, and forearm strength.

I'm not going to spend a ton of time talking about the different workouts that you can do with this piece of equipment because that can be looked up online all over the place. As for the benefits, this is something that should be added to every CrossFit gym. And for those that are cross training, this product is especially excellent for lifting heavy. Once again we were not disappointed with the product we received from Brute Force. This product, over the last couple of months, has been dropped, kicked, and thrown around our gym and has held up extremely well. 

If you have not trained with a fat bar, now is the time! Log onto Brute Force Strength’s website and order one or 10 today. Also, its only $99!!!

From the Brute Force Website 

The first of it's kind from Brute Force Steel- this axle is made with the same standards of quality you've come to expect from Brute Force. With a total length of 5', you'll need less room in your training space. Bar is powder-coated for a sleek finish and enhanced grip. 

 Our fat-bars bars come with a set of the Brute Force Universal Collars made from high strength velcro and webbing. These collars can be used with virtually any barbell. If you've never trained with a fat-bar, you are missing out! 

 •Made in the USA like all Brute Force branded gear 
•5 feet in length 1.5" diameter 
•15 lbs 
•Universal Collars are included with every bar 
•Tested at 700 lbs
•Weights not included





I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to bring our next company to the WODville community. A true Jack of All Trades, Pure Strength exploded onto the scene about a year and a half ago and is truly taking the CrossFit community by storm. Designed by Crossfitters, for CrossFitters. Owner Chris Brown has done a phenomenal job in just a short period of time to get a great company/ organization off the ground, servicing the CrossFit community in the process!


Pure Strength creates, manufactures and sells almost all aspects of CrossFit hardware such as barbells, kettle bells, squat racks and much more (imagine a CrossFit Walmart). Owner Chris Brown has teamed up with head trainer John McGriff and Brian Richter to form a winning combination! I'll get it out of the way right now and let you know that their customer service is second to none. Since the moment they came on board with us, their communication has been superior!

Thx Brandon for helping build the rack
For those of you that are gym/ box owners, you need to stop and take a serious look at what Pure Strength has to offer. From our experience their quality control is superior. You might be able to get specific pieces of equipment cheaper from another vendor but you are truly going to get what you pay for. Six months down the road when your equipment is falling apart you might wish that you paid a little extra for quality that is superior, and that is what you get with Pure Strength, its also made in the USA!

Pure Strength has teamed up with WODville to be our primary video review sponsor. So you will see Pure Strength custom squat rack at the back of every video review we produce.

I think it also should be known that Chris Brown is also a CrossFit box owner himself so he knows what he's talking about when addressing the needs of a CrossFit location.

The other thing that I want to address in our first review of Pure Strength is the implications this has for the CrossFitter that does it out of their garage. This slim squat rack/ pull-up bar that we have assembled in our home gym is a fantastic piece of equipment.

This Slim-Gym Rig is super sturdy with fantastic quality; its a wall mount rig that allowed you to maintain all the space in your garage because it only takes up 1' x 4'. Also, connected to it is a single pull-up bar that extends further away from the wall to give you the ability to Kip in your pull-ups.

I have seen many home gym squat racks as well as even those in CrossFit gyms and this piece of equipment is second to none and ranks right up there with anything you will get inside of a gym or Crossfit location.

So as you can see you can either go with the generic no-name equipment that will fall apart or you can pay an arm and a leg by going to the big boys so that you can have a specific name on your equipment. OR… you can make a wise choice and go with a company that builds a phenomenal product and can make your garage gym or your CrossFit box stand out with a sturdy superior product.

Extra Credit to the crew at PURE STRENGTH !!!!