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Hylete shirts

Hylete Shirts

Today we are going to review the shirts that we recently received from our friends at Hylete.

Recently we received three shirts and we are going to break them down in this review.

First off, we got the dugout short sleeve baseball crew. The shirt is very light weight and is made with a quick wicking fabric. So far it has been highly durable. It is a 60% cotton and 40% polyester combine blend.
It’s a very cool design with the old-school script “H” in the top left chest on the front and on the back “Hylete” with the number “12”. The number 12 was the year that Hylete came into existence. This is a super soft shirt and comfortable to wear in either the gym or out and about.

As always, Hylete has produced an awesome shirt with this fabric, design, and how it wears.

The next shirt that I want to highlight is there cube triblend crew tee.

As seen in the picture it comes in four different colors black blue light gray and tactical green. This shirt I have now worn at least a half a dozen times during workouts and a couple of times around town. This shirt has the perfect amount of stretch and durability. You have full range of motion when wearing this shirt.

We often talk about the performance and durability of Hylete, but their shirt designs are second to none. They’ve got a wide range of cool designs in their crew tee section.

Lastly, we are going to look at their icon II quad-blend polo.

I absolutely love the shirt and have worn it on multiple occasions casual and a little dressier as well. It is a tapered cut with two stitches that run down the back giving it a very sporty look. I have worn it out around town. But I’ve also worn it under my blazer when attending church. It has a very clean and sharp look.

This shirt is also extremely comfortable to wear, the quad blend fabric provides excellent stretch and durability. The quad blend is a combination of bamboo rayon, rayon, cotton, and a little bit of spandex.

They have additional stitching in the collar which helps maintain the crisp look which illuminates unwanted collar spread.

Of course, I will order more Hylete clothing in the future, but this polo shirt is one that I will order more of very soon as it comes in five different colors.

This I believe is our fifth or sixth review that we’ve written for Hylete. Heidi and I have worn their shoes, sweatpants, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and compressions. We have been wearing them since 2012. And our loyalty to them will not be changing anytime soon. We take pride in being Hylete Athletes.

HYLETE equals classy, clean, perfection

Anderson Powerlifting

Anderson Powerlifting

Recently we got some product from Anderson Powerlifting. This is a little bit of a different review in that normally we review specific products that were created by that specific company.

Anderson Powerlifting LLC is a power-lifting gear supplier, their goal is to offer the best customer service with the best power-lifting you’re available.

So recently they sent us some of their personal swag a T-shirt and a pair shorts, but in that shipment they also included some SBD knee sleeves and Hyperice product .. and man both products rock!!!

When they say that their goal is to provide the best powerlifting gear available, they mean it! and I believe that they are hitting the mark!

On their opening page they provide you their phone number that you can call with any issues related to sizing or product information. This Dallas Texas company understands the true definition of customer service at its best!

They were extremely easy for us to work with and communicate with! So let’s jump in and talk about the two products they sent!

First off, the SBD knee sleeves! Most of you know I am a strong advocate of the sleeves, whether you were lifting light or lifting heavy! The older you get the more I realize the importance of taking care and protecting the knees, when doing basic front and back squats, snatches, and cleans. 
SBD hits every check mark. These are the longest sleeves I own, they truly take you from middle of the calf and provide an extreme firm compression from top to bottom! They are available and nine sizes and are 7 mm high-grade neoprene! 

Most of our CrossFit readers every six weeks will cycle through some form of a squat. These knee sleeves are a must as you are getting towards the end of your six-week cycle and pushing heavy weight! 

From the first time I put them on I was highly impressed with firmness, durability, design, and most importantly what it provided me in way of the support when going to the bottom of my squat. Being able to push out of the hole with confidence is a great feeling and you for sure get that with SBD. 

SBD Knee sleeves is a phenomenal product and is one of the reasons why Anderson Powerlifting is doing so well in selling high-quality products like this!

The second product that I’m excited to talk to you about is Hyperice

We received the ice compression technology Hyperice shoulder device. 

Over the last few weeks I have been nursing a bad left shoulder, which has prevented me from lifting anything over head of any weight. I have been doing some basic physical therapy, but my doctor told me that icing the shoulder for 15 to 20 minutes at a time would provide quicker recovery. I received this Hyperice within a few days and began using it immediately. 

The Hyperice Shoulder is extremely easy to use, and it’s very portable. 

I am a big fan of cryotherapy and this product nails it! 

This is a combination of a well-designed neoprene wrap and Ice cell/pack. One of the amazing and awesome benefits of this I cell/pack is its patented air release valve.

The Hyperice Shoulder forces the cell/pack to form fit perfectly around the shoulder and collarbone area. This creates the optimal pressure around the area that it is attempting to treat.

I honestly feel that the irritation and inflammation that I was dealing with was quickly resolved by using this product. They make this product in both right and left shoulder.

Hyperice has a neoprene device like this for the knees, elbows, and back as well. 

Hyperice Has many other products for recovery and stretch and we look forward to reviewing additional products in the future. We are highly sold on the quality of this product as well.

It goes without saying at this point, that we are big fans of Anderson Powerlifting. Everything that comes from Anderson is going to be an excellent product as they put their name behind anything that comes from their organization. 

Anderson Powerlifting scores a 10 out of 10, they are five-star, A+ grade!  

Battle Ops

Battle Ops

We got a new product that we want to bring you and that’s our friends at Battle Ops. We recently received a pair of their 6-inch waterproof tactical boot and man I was not disappointed whatsoever!

BATTLE OPS WEBSITE - We also got a bonus for all the WODville readers. Use code: WODville at checkout for free shipping!

As most of you that have read my tactical reviews know that I’m kind of a boot snob. I have worn approximately 15 to 20 different boots over my law enforcement career, and we have written a few reviews on tactical boots here on WODville.

Let me start off by saying that I am highly impressed with this product, the general appearance of the boat provides a very sleek and clean look. And though I’ve only worn them now for a couple of weeks they are holding up well. The boots are very comfortable. They have the appearance of a boot but gives the comfort and feel of a tennis shoe. The toe box is wide, but still provide a firm fit.

They are extremely lightweight. They’re waterproof but also have the ability to breathe. The heels have like this shock absorber in them which they called comfort pods. It secures your ankle and calf area for a perfect fit.

Recently we did an article on Hylete’s cross training shoe and the Battle Ops has a product similar in there is which allows you to remove the insert (allowing you to customize your perfect fit).

For those of you that like to have the polished toe for formal situations these boots are easy to polish for that class A look.

Battle OPS gear is built to the exact specifications of professionals from around the world. For those who cannot differentiate between their “job” and their passion, their gear is engineered to an unrivaled standard. They are committed to meet the needs of those on the front lines will never end... always move forward.
Their motto is ALWAYS MOVE FORWARD. And that they do!
Their sizes range from 7 to 15. If you are in a first responders or military this is a fantastic product. They score high so far in durability! The appearance and quality are awesome! They score high in our book giving you a 10 out of 10. Also logon and check out their Battle Ops socks and they sell an awesome “land of the free because of the brave” T-shirt.


Hey WODville Peeps! We’ve got a new company to bring to you and that is our new friends at Clench Fitness. They are a resistance band company, but they don’t just sell the resistant band. They sell a handle and anchor strap that makes for an excellent resistant band experience. They are the full package!

We have now used the system a dozen times for our primary work out. I quickly discovered that it forces you to keep the full body tight. I was sore the next day after doing Thrusters. 

                                          CLENCH FITNESS

The awesome part of this product is you can create so many different workouts with different ranges of motions. For those of you that use resistant bands for strictly mobility this is a great product. The materials are high-quality from the bands themselves, to the handles, and lastly the anchor strap.

First, I want to highlight the handles. they sell for $15 each. They provide an additional amount of versatility to your resistant band training. The handles are an awesome attachment, which allows you to implement almost any movement within your workout. 

The great part of the handles is that when you’re in the middle of your workout and you’re sweating heavily the regular resistant bands will slide around not giving you a firm grip, these handles change it for you completely. You are able to simply concentrate on your workout with good form. 

In the way of durability, I was sold when I saw the video of the handles holding 150 pound weights being raised on a tractor. These handles are strong and heavy duty. 

The handles are also designed to store your resistance bands.

The resistance bands themselves are a high-end quality product. Having been in Crossfitter for seven or eight years we have used plenty of resistant bands. These bands are made to take a beating. Whether you’re going to use them for rehab, speed training, warm up, strength, or flexibility these resistance bands won’t let you down!

The last thing that I want to point out about their products is there clinch anchor strap. The Anchor strap allows you to wrap it around any structure i.e. squat rack or any other stable product in your house or hotel room.It creates a firm grip on the product allowing the resistant band to strictly do their job in your work out.

I love the slogan on Clench's website, whether you’re at work, at home, in the gym, or on the road, in the middle of nowhere, Clench has your back.

In a few weeks we will be going on vacation and the clutch handles and resistant bands will be in my suitcase!
Clench has also recently released 2 new resistance bands 
- Orange (5-15 lb) great for lighter weight mobility exercises
- Green (75-150 lb) very popular for assisted pull ups and leg exercises.  

We here at WODville are now big supporters of Clench Fitness we give this product an A+, five star rating, 10 out of 10. They hit out of the park with this product! 

Clench Workouts

10 push press
10 squats 
7 rounds 

321 go!

Thin Blue Line USA

We have a new company that we want to introduce to the WODville readers too. Thin Blue Line USA is an awesome company that supports first responders. They have a ton of swag/apparel for the law-enforcement and fire fighter community. 

Recently, we received a few items from them that I have now worn multiple times in the last couple of weeks. They have a pair of socks that have the thin blue line that run up the back of the calf. Around the top of the socket has “THIN BLUE LINE USA” in white. Really cool design! And if you need to know they’re very soft as well 😉

I also received a black compression shirt which displays the United States of America with the American flag. Both products are excellent, high-end quality, and awesome design. 

They also sent me some silicone thin blue line wristbands that I handed out to my law enforcement friends at church on Sunday. 
As most of you know being a retired police officer it means a lot when you see others sporting something with the thin blue line on it and showing their support to those that put their life on the line daily (whether it is fireman or a police officer).

First Responders are always grateful for those who take a moment to say thank you.
Today most of our media is selling a false narrative about law enforcement. It is great to have a company that provides us a product that will show our support to our awesome first responders. Part of the proceeds go to the families of fallen heroes.   

Companies like the Thin Blue Line USA give us the ability to show those that are still doing the job the support they rightfully deserve. 

Thin Blue Line USA scores an A+ excellent product! Great company!!

HYLETE circuit cross-training shoe

HYLETE Circuit 
Cross-Training Shoe

Up Next is a company that is not new to the WODville readers. It’s also a company that we absolutely love. HYLETE! We have never received anything from them that we were disappointed in it when it comes to quality, performance, and appearance.


In this review we are going to talk about their cross-training shoe. Absolutely amazing product. The design is excellent there’s parts of it that remind me of the original Nanos that everybody loved before reebok started jacking with the design.
Though I’ve only had them for about a month the durability appears to be excellent. I am very rough on my gear and these are going to hold up very well from what I can see. Its high abrasion resistance is created by combining ultra-durable heat welded TPU, eliminating the need for stitching, with ventilated ripstop nylon, protecting against tears and rips. Lightweight Vibram outsoles offer the best stability and traction during side movements and high impact activity.
The part that I absolutely love about the shoes is that they are designed to be custom depending on your work out. they ship them with three different souls 0mm, 4mm, and 6mm. 

Lift, train, and run in one shoe. The circuit cross-training shoe includes 3 interchangeable insoles tuned to optimize stability/energy transfer while lifting, all around versatility while training, or high impact absorption while running; allowing you to change your training discipline without changing your shoe.
The obvious 0mm is for weightlifting, and the other two are designed for training or running.

They also ship the shoes with a second set of shoe strings so that you can sport gray shoe strings or black shoestrings depending on your preference.

This shoe has an excellent toe box. It is a wider toe box but firmly grips all the way around your foot for a comfortable feel.

Hylete will soon be releasing other colors. This shoe scores an A+. 10 out of 10! 

Order yours today!! HYLETE

JerkFit 2.0


Way back in October 2014, we brought on JerkFit and introduced our readers to their WODies and Nubs. ( Review of WODies and Nubs ). To date that review is one of our most highly read reviews.

Recently we contacted JerkFit as we noticed that they had expanded into other fitness products. A few weeks ago, I received JerkFit’s weight belt, reversible knee sleeves, and speed jump rope.

Omega Speed Rope
So I definitely have a method to my madness with this review. I’m going to start off with the product that traditionally I have struggled with, and that is double-unders. I have continually struggled with maintaining a high number of continual double-unders.

I pulled the JerkFit Omega Speed Rope out of its wrapping and noticed the high quality right away. It has a nice caring case that you can place your rope in, and it gives you a very long rope with two handles. The explanation on how to measure out your rope length is simple and easy to understand. The handles themselves spend quickly and freely from the handle to the connection in which the rope is attached.

I was able to have the speed rope ready within 2 minutes of pulling it from the packaging and the length is custom to your height and skill level. 

I immediately walked into our garage gym and was able to knock out 25 unbroken double-unders. That’s saying a lot for this big dude that traditionally hates them!

You can purchase different color handles and rope from their website. Of course, most of you know that I am extremely patriotic, so I got my blue handles and red robe 😊.

JerkFit’s Omega Speed Rope is an excellent product! It now serves as my primary speed rope in my gym bag!

The next two products that I’m going to talk to you about are items that I use multiple times a week. First, let’s chat about JerkFit’s Reversible Knee Sleeves.

Reversible Knee Sleeves

Over my many years of lifting, I’ve gone through easily a couple of dozen different sleeves. I personally am a fan of the thicker heavier duty sleeve for lifting, but also like to wear a lighter sleeve for basic movements during a workout.

These sleeves are absolutely superior. The stitching is strong and heavy duty. I do have full range of motion when wearing these sleeves. A few days ago, we concluded the Memorial Day Murph workout. I even worn them during air squats. My knees stayed warm and I felt like I was able to remain active without any pain.

It should also be known that at the age of 46 my knees have taken a beating over the years, with JerkFit’s knee sleeves I feel very confident with the protection of my knees.

The firm support and compression of the sleeves allow me to squat any movement with confidence. They are made with a high-quality 5mm thick neoprene. One of the cool features is that it is reversible from black to red.

One of the other areas that I love wearing the knee sleeves is during lunges and burpee‘s, they give you a little extra knee support as your knee pounds against the ground, and it keeps your joints warm which reduces injury.  For me mentally, I greatly appreciate the extra strength and support around the knees when lifting heavy.

You can feel confident in raising the bar with these sleeves around your knees.

After getting these in the mail, Heidi wore them on a squat day. She traditionally has not worn knee sleeves. As soon as we got home she ordered her own pair of JerkFit sleeves.  

Weight Belt

The last item I want to throw your way is JerkFit’s weight belt. Like the sleeves I’ve gone through easily a couple of dozen weight belts over the years.

I am a big fan of using the weight belt even when lifting moderate weight, it strongly helps keep your spine in line and keeps your form square. This belt is made with a heavy-duty neoprene like material, it’s extremely comfortable, and fits to the contour of your back.

I quit using the heavy leather belts years ago and appreciate the light weight belts. JerkFit’s weight belt is excellent and lightweight. A few of the things that I love about this belt is how it overlaps so that you can pull the belt down further and it provides a second layer of velcro for a double secure hold. This is an awesome feature as most of the light weight belts don’t have this second secure hold. It absolutely drives me crazy after you get done with the squat and you come up and your belt is folded over this velcro prevents that from happening.

We enjoyed getting to hang out with the
JerkFit crew at Crossfit West Regionals. 
To date we have reviewed now 5 items from JerkFit. Every single item is of high quality and you will not be disappointed in any of their products! JerkFit GREAT job with all three of the new items! Rope, sleeves and belt A+!!!

JerkFit Website

Next Wave Athletics

Next Wave Athletics 
We here at WODville want to take a moment to write a
review on the new box/gym that we have been attending and have recently joined. Next Wave Athletics is up for review. Heidi and I have been working out at this location for the last three weeks. They are an A+, five-star, rating 10 out of 10! So far, we are loving our experience at Next Wave.

As most of you know, one of my major pet peeves is when you go to a CrossFit location and the trainer‘s aren’t really there to train, but to stare at their phone. That doesn’t happen at Next Wave. 

And the gym is CLEAN!!! You can drop to the ground and know that the floor hasn’t had someone’s dog come flop around on it.

The owners are fully engaging. You will find them often working out with their clients as they are always looking for areas to improve the CrossFit experience. From the moment we walked into the door owners Oleg Boyarko and John Toma were extremely welcoming.

Every trainer that we have worked out with are excellent! They pay attention to your form and make sure that you don’t get sloppy when you get tired. They continue to push you and motivate you in a positive way and they are all Motivators.

So far, we have trained with Paula Santos, Charles Torres, and Firefighter Blake Heidrich. All three of them are very educated and understand all CrossFit movements. We have trained with some amazing trainers and I will hold these three trainers up with any of the ones we have trained with in the past. They are a hard working crew that loves what they do.

Next Wave also offer other classes as in Yoga, Shred Boot Camp, and Barbell Club.

From the moment Heidi and I walked into this location we felt at home! Our time so far at Next Wave has taken us back to our beginning days of when we were heavily active in CrossFit and has brought back the fun and exciting parts that we loved.

If you are in North San Diego, I strongly encourage you to come check out this CrossFit location and if you live in the area There is a new CrossFit home awaiting you, Next Wave Athletics.