Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet Matt Henman our new writer!

Meet Super Matt!

It’s such an honor to be able to write for  My mission is to empower people to know that they can accomplish those things they simply set their mind to.  The key is accomplishing these activities or goal with community. 

Over the summer I have had the privilege and honor of completing a 176-mile relay across the Teton Mt. Range, running 77 miles across the Nevada desert, and finishing 2 GORUCK events. 

Those who have accomplished these with me have had incredible PR’s on lifts, CrossFit workouts, and pushed themselves further than they could have ever imagined. 

It’s your turn to get out there – to make things happen – to accomplish that which you think you cannot, but most importantly of all – reach out to a community around you – to reach out to people who believe in you and believe you can accomplish what you set your mind to.  That is what I am here for and that is what WODville is here for.  We review great products that will help you along the way, but at the end of the day as you prepare for that which you think you cannot – we will be there to support you all along the way! 

So get out there – make awesome happen – and know we are right beside you, cheering you on, and every step of the way know that you CAN!! GO TEAM RWB!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Brute Force Rucksack BR2

Brute Force Rucksack BR2

WODville readers get a 10% savings by using code BRUTEFORCE10 at checkout!

We have had the honor and privilege of writing a couple different reviews for Brute Force Sandbags. Over the last few months we have been training with their rucksack. Let's start off by simply saying: what a great piece of equipment! There are a lot of different adjectives that I could use to describe the BRUTE FORCE BR-2 RUCK/ 3-DAY PACK, but I'll give you a few of them; durable, well-designed, and fashionable are just a few to describe this rucksack. It was my carry-on and primary backpack while we went through Europe this summer. I also used it recently in the foothills of California on a search and rescue mission.

And while I'm on the subject, during our search and rescue mission, we came across a large amount of poison oak. After getting home my primary concern was to decontaminate my equipment and gear. Therefore, I took the rucksack and sprayed it down thoroughly with a special chemical to help remove the oil from my gear and equipment. The bag was soaked and scrubbed thoroughly. After sitting out and drying in the heat for a few hours there was zero breakdown on the material of the bag. It looked brand-new and maintained its form. For those of you that train with rucksack, I think you realize the importance of a bag maintaining its form after wear and tear and exposure to moisture. Since then, I have loaded sand back into the bag and have trained with it and it has held up extremely well without any appearance of wear and tear.

As far as training with it, I've only had it in the foothills on a hike once. We have used it for short distance running and walking lunges and that sort of thing. I've used it once for weighted pull-ups, which almost killed me so the rucksack has multiple usages in way of training and tactics.

We have reviewed and used Brute Force gear and equipment consistently and there is not one item that we have been disappointed with. The customer service at Brute Force is phenomenal. Of course as you know we support any organization that is patriotic and veteran owned.

Coyote Tan only available at this time

Introducing the Brute Force BR-2 Ruck.  This pack has more features and than anything comparable on the market at a fraction of the cost.  Built to the same standards as the Brute
Force Sandbags. And as always, made in the USA.

Common question:  Why does this ruck look similar to something that is already on the market?  

The BR2 is a rebuttal to companies would prefer to steal ideas and products and pass them off as their own.  Our bag is a true ruck, and you will see the in the details below why this is.  It shares only a slightly similar front panel and nothing else.  The features and build quality are superb and come second to none.  In addition, it is a fraction of the cost AND comes with one of our sandbag fillers for rucking.  You will not be disappointed in choosing Brute Force!!!  

Choose Black or Coyote Tan at checkout. 

•2 of the Brute Force 35 lb capacity filler bags are now included!
•Pack created under advisement from experts in the tactical field
•Made from Mil-Spec 1000D Cordura and Ballistic Nylon
•Heavy duty YKK zipper
•Hydration/headphone ports on both sides (hydration pouch not included)
•Removable chest and waist straps
•Fastening systems for using Brute Force Sandbag Fillers inside your ruck (2 of the 35 lb capacity filler bags ARE included
•Will hold up to 70 lbs, equal to 2 fillers filled close to capacity
•Handles on both sides for additional carrying options 
•2 Velcro patch receptors
•3 pockets for additional gear (id's, cash, etc..)
•Laptop will fit inside straps, but preferably in a laptop sleeve
•Signature Brute Force Logo on every bag
•Can be used in mud-runs, and qualifies as a 3-day pack for SealFit events
•Made to the same USA quality and high-standards as the Brute Force Sandbag, the chosen sandbag for the US Navy mandatory training programs 
•Lifetime warranty- includes repairs from normal wear and tear, or defect in materials
•Does not include sand or patch

22.5"x 12"x 9"
2,950 Cubic Inches

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WOD Towels

WOD Towels?!? Let's get crackin' on WOD towels, shall we? This is a simple and commonly used product that we use every single day, but this product differs from the usual for a couple of reasons: 1. It has differently designed sides to it, that way you can designate one to touch equipment, and one to dry yourself with without mixing them up. 2. It dries you quickly and efficiently. Its like a WODWow.
          Heidi and I both got a towel in the mail from WOD towel. The only small frustrating fact is that we only have one! We have done a couple of swimming WODs over the last few weeks and it has served us well. One swipe of the towel and your skin is clear of any moisture! We work out in a hot garage in the central valley of California. Over the last month we have had some days well over 100°. This product has served us, extremely, extremely well.

          For those of you that do crush your workouts and sweat often this is the product for you. My only criticism is they need to have their logo on a towel or our logo on a towel. :-) Vince Kott, the owner of WOD Towel has a great Crossfit product and we look forward to more great products coming come from them. This is a great product and I love it when it is available and clean during and after my workout.

Product Information
Are you tired of boring fitness towels?
The WOD TOWEL has 2 stylish designs that can easily be matched with what you are wearing.
Are you tired of not remembering which side of your towel touched the dirty floor?
The WOD TOWEL's double sided design ensures that you remember which side touched the floor. You can do this by folding the towel and letting the pattern side touch the floor or equipment. When you need to wipe your face, simply open the towel and use the solid color side. 
Are you tired of cotton towels that don't feel so soft after a couple washes?
The WOD TOWEL's microfiber fabric is soft and will remain soft after numerous washes.
Are you tired of towels that are either way too big or not big enough?
The WOD TOWEL's custom size of 80cm by 40cm is just the right size.
Are you tired of carrying the extra weight of a wet cotton towel in your gym bag?
The WOD TOWEL's microfiber material is light weight and fast drying.

found a new use for the WOD Towel

Sunday, August 24, 2014

RSP GlutaGen

RSP GlutaGen 

Okay, for starters, we did a full review on RSP in the past. For that review, check out:

I just finished a cycle of RSP's GlutaGen (glutamine). Let me start off by saying I have used at least a half a dozen different supplement companies and their version of glutamine.

I have lifted heavy and often while using RSP's glutamine. It has served me extremely very well and I've experienced little soreness of muscle.

About six months ago I performed the WOD of the hundred back squats for time with 135 pounds. This workout left me extremely sore. Two weeks ago I performed the same workout and would guess at least 80% less muscle pain from the last time. And during that period of time I was taking glutamine. I strongly believe that this cycle of glutamine has made my training much stronger!


We have a fantastic sales rep in Danny Morales. Danny is also a fantastic advocate of WODville. And we are glad to call him a RSP/WODville athlete.

I think you already know my answer about RSP's glutamine. RSP is an excellent product and worth the money spent. RSP, keep the great supplements rolling.

  • Full serving of L-Glutamine for maximum muscle recovery and immune system support.*
  • Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine combat muscular catabolism following exercise.*
  • CopMax assists in restoration of Adenosine tri phosphate stores depleted as a result of muscular stress during physical activity.*
  • Bioperine and B Vitamins support increased bioavailability for optimal absorption rates and digestive efficiency.*

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Up next on our agenda is Spartan grip. This review is going to be short and sweet, but don't let that fool you when it comes to the advantages of Spartan grip. Recently, they sent us two bottles of liquid skin-adhesive in the mail a few months back. I am extremely impressed with this product. It has served us well regarding those long workouts that require extreme grip.

I have used Spartan Grip for toes-to-bars, pull-ups, farmer carrys, basic barbell work etc.

This product creates a second layer of skin, and its sticky. The sticky truly assists while attempting to hold on to whatever item your holding.

The other great part is that when your done working out, the product washes off quickly with soup and warm water.

" We are people who do CrossFit, in official affiliated BOXes, so we do the real deal and not copycats.

We have developed SpartanGrip to solve a need that any true CrossFitter has, a solution to provide grip and protection to your hands improving your performance today and in the long term.

Of course, there is a research behind SpartanGrip and its components, but more important is that SpartanGrip has been developed through hundreds of WOD’s, testing and improving the formula that really makes the difference in The BOX, that performs under real action, REP after REP.

SpartanGrip is made and bottled in Europe by a group of athletes aiming to share it with all the people who love CrossFit."

We love this product. It doesn't take a lot of grip to do the job. One bottle will last you a while and is significantly better then chalk.

 One bottle will run you $30 which covers 80 workouts. Two bottles will run you 40. The other great part is that they offer free shipping. Bam Score! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Work T Knee Sleeves

WorkT Knee Sleeves
Up next is WorkT knee sleeves. This is a super product. We have owned the "blue'' sleeves for a few years. They have done well, but are not the kind of sleeves you will wear daily to WOD in. I wear my WorkT sleeves almost every day. They are lighter, flexible, but provide super support to my 43 year old knees. Furthermore, if they are good enough for Chris Spealler, then they're good enough for Heidi and I.
Im a very big advocate on protecting your knees. Besides, the back and the knees are the most injured body parts for Crossfitters, and these sleeves keep us in the game. I will wear them for any kind of squat, including air squats. My old knees will click multiple times as i go up and down, but after putting the sleeves on it warms the knees and resolves the clicking. The sleeves also help stabilize the knees, which is very important when trying to maintain good form.
WorkT also just came out with a thicker sleeve. If there new product is made with the same awesome quality as the thinner sleeve you will not be disappointed! WorkT scores well with WODville! We are very impressed with what they have produced and look forward in reviewing future gear from them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Brute Force

Sweet-Action, Unbelievable, Stupendous: These are just a few words one can use to describe Brute Force. They claim to specialize in sandbag training, and, boy, do they ever! We LOVE their products! We have been using their Ruck Sack for about a month, however that product review will be out in a few weeks. Today, I want to hit on the first products that were sent our way: Sandbags, Wall balls, and the Weight Belt.

First off, their shipping is very fast, and you won't be let down by their customer service. Also, let me reinforce, these guys know what's up when it comes to fabric containers of broken quartz crystals, or sandbags. As of late, I have become such an advocate of sandbag training; we just came back from Paris and discovered that Crossfit Louvre trains with sandbags regularly. Our USA Special Forces also train with sandbags and Brute Force provides our US Navy with a large portion of their bags.

I also love Brute Force sandbags because they have additional handles on their bags. We have used the sandbags for running, squat cleans, and front squats. There are also a ton of different workouts on YouTube for sandbags. Oh and before I forget, they make pink sandbags. Heidi Loves her Pink sandbag and weight belt!
On top of all this, they sent us the outer shell of wallballs/ atlasballs . this has been a great addition to the WODville gym. We filled it with the weight we wanted in sand and then packed it with heavy density cotton (Which really means we just shoved in alot of normal density cotton, realized it weighed more, and dubbed it High Density Cotton, we're realizing some very serious business potential). Works like a champ... A CHAMP!! We got two of these in the mail and right now Heidi's weighs about 15lbs and mine is about 24 lbs...

The weight belts are super heavy duty. They are thick and wide! They also just came out with a multi camo belt that will soon be sported in the WODVille gym.

They are coming out with some new product in the next month and we are super pumped to be one of the first companies to highlight their new products. It goes without saying we are honored to support this great veteran owned company, and if the products mentioned here are any portent of those to come, we'll be supporting them much longer. Over the last few months we have become good friends with owner Keith Burns. All in all, they make an exceptional product for the CROSSFIT community.

Our video review will be included with this written review. we are honored to be Brute Force Athletes.

Monday, August 4, 2014

WOD Lifts


A few months ago, on a night not unlike tonight, Heidi and I were doing heavy squats. I had positioned two of the small, iron 5 lbs weights just under the heels of my feet in hopes of emulating the results of weight lifting shoes. As I pressed on, one of the trainers caught me out of the corner of his eye, approached me and uttered in a tone I that sent a chill down my spine, "Have you heard of those new WODLift things? Worth checking out." He went on to explain that they did the same thing as weight lifting shoes... but they were inserts. I released from my chest a hearty laugh, explaining the prophecies of the affordable and easy way to lift simply were not true. I knew in my heart an insert could never meet the needs of weight lifting and general WODdery at the same time. Dismissing his tomfoolery, I returned to my makeshift platform. Then... WODLift contacted us.

This is the specific product our trainer was talking about. 2 days later we had a couple pairs of WODLifts on our door step. The next morning I slid them into my Inov8s and did heavy squats and a 10 minute WOD with doubleunders and running. There was no sliding at all! They worked excellent. Over the last few weeks I've put them in my Nanos as well, they have been great.

This is a super inexpensive way of having lift in your heel without paying an arm and a leg. the other great part of this product is that they can stay in your shoes during high intensity WODs.

Customer Service you ask? Owner Erik Barr has been awesome. We talked on the phone within hours of taking the product off the porch. He is a true Crossfitter and has done an excellent job at producing a fantastic product. By the way, we no longer heartily laugh about this product, its legitimate. In fact, our lifts now are part of our workout multiple times a week now.