Sliding into our lineup of companies is FormulX. Paleo people come one, come all, we have a great product for you. Let me start out by saying; its a great tasting protein, especially with almond milk. 


With 22 grams of grass-fed whey protein and over 5 grams of naturally occurring branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) per scoop, FormulX Nautral Recovery Protein is practically Freshman Biology class in a bottle. Grass-fed means it's hormone free and loaded with plant-extracted digestive enzymes to prevent any bloating.

The flavors come in chocolate and vanilla; I even played with it and mixed half-and-half and it still tastes excellent. Here at WODville; taste, consistency, and results are the cornerstones of our criteria, and FormulX misses no marks.

We have not reviewed their creatine and glutamine supplements, but they also carry those types of products as well. However, If there protein is any indication of the qulaity of their creatine or glutamine, you will not be disappointed!

I used it a couple of times a day for about a month, going back-and-forth between chocolate and vanilla. The strong benefit for me is that it curves my appetite in the evening when I take the scoop after the 5:30 workout. This keeps me from wanting to snack or cheat later in the evening with foods I shouldn't be touching!

Below, you can see a quick video review of formulas. We here at WODville give FormulX a high grade in every category, keep the supplements coming !


We've been away in Cryosleep, and its time to warm things up again! We left off with Vulcan Strength and wrote a review regarding their wooden rings and kettle bells. Today we want to talk about their bumper plates and sandbags. As was stated in our last review, we are very impressed with Vulcan Strength!

We had never trained with sandbags prior to receiving this equipment, since then I have mixed some form of sandbag training into our workout regimen every week. I've noticed that short distance running has become more of an effortless movement. I strongly believe that to be a result of using sandbags to train with. The material is extremely durable, including Velcro that would frustrate Mike Tyson. It comes with an internal bag where you put the sand in and then Velcro it over in order to stay secure and prevent sand leakage. You then place it inside the outer shell which then zips closed with a heavy duty zipper. It has handles on the outside, two more further in and one in the center.

This form of training holds multiple purposes. You can use it (obviously) for running, gobbler style squats, and back squats as well as while performing a clean or jerk movement. There are many other styles of workouts that can be found on the Internet i.e. YouTube etc.

The other piece of equipment that we wanted to highlight is their bumper plates, of which we received two ten-pounders. Heidi has used these for high-volume snatches and overhead squats. As most of you know it's not recommended to drop 10-pound bumper plates from a higher level. But of course that has happened in the WODville gym. These bumper plates have stood up very well to the wear and tear of our workouts.

I strongly encourage you to take the time to read our other reviewed constraints if you haven't already. We have reviewed four of their pieces of equipment and all four have stood up very well!

Contact Info

855-VULCAN-USA (855-885-2268)




Rolling in next is WODDawg. This is going to be a fairly fast and quick review exposing our readers to a fantastic company, cause, and product. In a few weeks, we will be adding video review to accompany our written reviews. Since we want to give WODDawg the fullest exposure possible, we will be adding a video for it down the road.

The logo that WODDawg uses is of their mascot, a famous bulldog that happens to live in NorCal. Being a well done logo, it depicts Spike, the English Bulldog and K9 belonging to the voice of the 'CrossFit Update Show,' obstinately dangling a kettlebell from his steely lower jaw.

As for the cause, it is a phenomenal endeavor. Their goal is to match veterans with K-9's. Anything that supports our veterans after they come home gets absolute support from us! In our full review we will go into more detail.
The apparel is sweet action! Their shirts have a patch with their logo on it and are very comfortable with form fitting fabric around the arms. On top of this, they're also very soft and breathe well.

After we agreed to do a review, we had T-shirts on our doorstep in two days! Heidi received a hooded shirt and Razorback tank tops, and she loves the women's apparel!

Every WODAspect of WODDawg WODScores WODBig with WODVille. The name, cause and gear are great stuff! Mad props to Chip and the rest of WODDawg!

Brute Force Training

So in the next month we're going to be doing a couple of full-blown reviews for Brute Force Training. Last week, we received a full shipment of equipment; Sandbags, adjustable atlas-med balls, and weight lifting belts. While we will be completing a review on those products within the next month, there is one thing that came from Brute Force that Heidi and I absolutely love. We figured we should put up a quick review on the Brute Force Bottle Buddy. Yes, that's right a bottle buddy! 

This product uses your basic materials while using some cool concepts; it slides over most water bottles and shakers, or in our case, Heidi's Hydro-Flask. The sleeve will hold your ID, credit cards, business cards, etc. all this while being able to see your cell phone. 

Furthermore, they have somehow managed to put a small loop on the top of the buddy to hold your keys or anything else that you want to attach. 

In case you don't understand the severity of the situation, let me delve a bit further: it has their awesome logo attached to the bottle buddy. You get their logo... ON THE SIDE OF THE BOTTLE! Owner Keith Burns, a freaking genius in design, is the creator of this revolutionary piece of equipment. Keith is also becoming a social media mogul (inside joke): you can follow Brute Force on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter @bforcesandbags

We are super pumped to have Brute Force on board with WODville! In the next we will be rolling out two more reviews with some video of their great product!

Vulcan Strength 
Training Systems

We here at WODville are extremely excited to bring our next company to our readers. VULCAN STRENGTH sent us some product a few months ago. We received a kettlebell, wooden gymnastics rings, sandbag, and two bumper plates. This review is going to address the wooden gymnastics rings and the kettlebell.

Before we even get into the two items that we are going to review I want to tell you first of all how impressed I am with this company. From the time that we agreed to write a review with them I received a tracking number within a few hours. Two days later the product was on our doorstep. They have been extremely easy to communicate and work with. Their customer service is top-notch!

Vulcan Strength Training Systems brings years of training experience to its proprietary brand of high quality training equipment. With their superior design manufactured for maximum performance effectiveness. Their growing inventory currently offers Olympic weight lifting equipment, CrossFit Equipment, Olympic Bars, Bumper Plates, Gymnastic Rings, Medicine Balls, Slam Balls, Sand Bags, Kettlebells, Speed Ropes, Glute Ham Developers, Squat Stands, Half-Racks and Rigging Systems.

Vulcan Strength is a 100% Veteran owned company (which scores big points with WODville), and they are proud to offer products manufactured both abroad, and here in the USA!

Let's talk about the wood rings and straps. I love the straps! They are made with high quality materials. The part that I like best about the straps is that they have been marked with numbers and hash marks for easy accurate height adjustments. They also come with 2-inch super heavy duty buckles. The straps consist of a 1.5-inch super wide strap for more comfort and durability. Dollar for dollar this is a great product, we have used many rings in different boxes over the last 3.5 years of crossfitting. Vulcan makes a great set!

The other item that we want to talk about in this review is their Kettlebells. In our time of Crossfit we have swung many different forms of kettlebells. Two things that you can identify immediately on a "cheaper" kettlebell is that the handles are very large and the casting seems are still very evident in the grip. When you're doing heavy volumes of kettlebell swings that casting seam can be very annoying and is very uncomfortable. Vulcan's KB is made with extreme high-quality details. The paint is not that cheesy high-gloss low quality material. It's a black matte finish designed to withstand dropping and throwing. Their KBs Consist of the smaller handle and no seam whatsoever. The handle is very smooth!

I have to say that the 4 products that we received from Vulcan have all been made with EXCELLENT quality.  If you are a gym/box owner and needing equipment Vulcan is your one stop shop. Their pricing and quality will not disappoint you!  You can pay more for other brands based on the name, or you can go with a phenomenal product from a crossfit/Olympic company like Vulcan. You will pay less and have great equipment.

In the next month we are building and establishing our home gym, and will be adding video reviews to our written reviews. Our studio/backdrop will be our home gym. We are very excited to add the Vulcan product to that gym. Vulcan's bumper plates and sandbag training will be our very first video review within the next month. Vulcan scores big with WODville! We are very impressed!

Contact Info

Tako Grip

A few months ago we received a shipment from Tako Grip of chalk, sticky tape and grip glue. Traditionally their clients have been pole vaulters, lacrosse players, and hockey players. Their product has also been a strong benefit to those within gymnastics. 
Athlete JoJo Mascis 

Based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, Tako Grip was created out of necessity. Elite pole vaulter and founder Michael Seaman had been searching for the perfect grip for years. As an athlete, he had trouble accepting that trainers tape is the accepted grip tape for many sports, and has been for ages. For decades it's been the only option, and still does not provide a solid grip by itself. Athletes have always tried to manipulate trainers tape to give it more grip - whether using sticky spray, chalk, lighter fluid or super glue everyone has their own favorite combination. Tako Grip was founded with one product, Tako Grip: Sports Grip Tape. 

 There are so many uses for a grip tape, but here are a few sport specific examples:
  • Bat, stick, and pole wraps
  • Pole vaulting grip tape
  • Fishing Rods
  • Baseball bat wrap
  • Golf club grips
  • Water ski and boating equipment
  • Snow ski equipment
  • Racquetball, Lacrosse, Tennis grips
  • Bicycle handlebars
Tako Grip asked us to mess around with the product and attempt to locate any other good uses for the sticky tape. And boy did we ever!! 

There are three different areas we used the product. Crossfit advantages, tactical, and a local high school pole vaulting/Crossfit athlete. 


There are some definite advantages to using Tako Grip within the Crossfit community. We messed around and use them on rings, pull-up bar, kettle bell, and barbell. 

Man what a difference!! After you put this tape on whatever piece of equipment you're using it doesn't move or slide at all! It's excellent for deadlifts (placing it on our barbell with half inch separation, see photo). It also does well in maintaining grip while doing thrusters. 

The one item that I love using this on the most is the Kettlebell, with an unbelievable grip you get with using the tape. You don't have to concentrate on the KB movement at all, because it doesn't slide around.  The KB stays in place all the way through the movement.

This tape is fantastic and will for sure be something we will continue to apply to our equipment in the future. 

As for Tako's chalk. It's also a great product! We have used it many times! One of our training partners said it is much nicer the a chalk block because it covers your had much faster when you're in the middle of your workout. And when you're going for time every second matters. (Jason Khalipa should score some Tako Grip, might be what puts him over Dr. Froning this year) :)


I placed some of the stick tape on both of my rifles and on one of my hand guns. A few days later we did some training in the rain. What a difference the tape made. NO slippage at all. I even placed some of the tape around my magazine well. It makes for a secure grip, and on those days when it's raining you usually struggle with maintaining a strong grip.

Pole Vault / Crossfit 

I got to spend some time with Pole Vault / Crossfit Athlete JoJo Mascis. He is preparing to go to state competition. He played cornerback this year for his high school football team as well. 

He told me how that he has been crossfitting in his high school gym now for about a year and a half. He has the opportunity to train with Nick Hobby, one of the owners of Crossfit Excel in Manteca, Ca. 

JoJo told me that as a pole vaulter you have to have a strong core and Crossfit has been such a game changer for him. He also believes it enhances the fast twitch muscles. 

JoJo had basic sports tape on his pole prior to putting Tako Tape on. He also used the glue that Tako provided us. WODville was present when he first put the tape on. JoJo was blown away by the initial grip he had and he was very excited to give it a test run!  

I talked to JoJo a week later after he had some time to use the Tako Tape and glue. He told me, "I've never felt so safe flying in the air. I know that Tako Tape is the solution on my hand slipping down my pole. Ever since I've put on Tako Tape, I haven't slipped at all. This is by far the best thing I've used to help me for pole vaulting!"

Bam! There you have it. This future NCAA athlete is a Tako fan, and we here at WODville are as well! 

Tako Grip scores big with us! Whether you're a CrossFit athlete, tactical operator, pole vaulter, lacrosse player, or hockey player we have a product for you! 

If you can think of any other good uses for this let us know! Tako Grip,  thank you for such a great product that every athlete needs to have in their gym bag! 

         Twitter @takogrip

WODville has a new preperformance / pre-workout drink for you. The product is called Honey Badger Performance Energy. It's sweetened with Stevia and it tastes excellent!
So let's address the issue right away Crossfit/Paleo peeps.
Next is the taste. This product tastes very good. It does not have a bitter aftertaste at all, it actually has a sweet taste and easy to drink. As our readers know, I'm not one that likes the pre-workout that gives you the heavy heartbeat and skin crawling. This product wakes you up, makes you alert, and prepares you for a workout. It is an excellent product for Crossfitters. It does not give you the feeling that your heart is going to explode out of your chest.
We strongly encourage you to give Honey Badger a shot

before your next workout. One of the awesome things is that they sell it in three different servings: you can get it in the canister with 40 servings, a canister with seven servings, or individual packets.

They also have an awesome shirt that you can order with the Honey Badger Logo on the front. And come on, what a cool name!! HONEY BADGER!
Twitter @honeybadgerbev