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Hurt Locker Mens Review!

Hurt Locker Apparel   


So when Heidi and I decided to start our own blog to do reviews on Crossfit equipment and apparel, Hurt Locker Apparel was one of the very first that I wanted to do. First of all, I absolutely love their Battlefield Certified American flag shirt. The design and layout is ‘Sweet Action!” The comfort and fit is excellent for working out. After communicating with the staff of Hurt Locker, they gave me this quote on the Battlefield Certified shirt:
"For the shirt, we got started because we wanted more of a variety of shirts to wear working out. With the flag, we wanted something a little gritty and torn, but still powerful. We would never want to show a weakened flag, instead, we wanted to convey something that has, and will always, withstand anything thrown its way. We see our flag as being battlefield certified, more than capable of winning any battle. And that is how we want those wearing that shirt to feel. We want them to feel invincible in the gym, capable of making it through anything, and have a sense of pride with such a powerful symbol on their back."


Jason, Thom & Kip

I wouldn't expect anything different coming from a group of Georgia boys, but I love that stand regarding the flag. Personally, I am inclined to look positively on something if you design it to truly signify a sense of national pride. One of the things I love about CrossFit is that there is a strong community of CrossFitters that are heavily patriotic, and having a strong support for the big red, white, and blue makes me proud to call myself a CrossFitter.

Their shirts are comfortable and easy to work out in, true to size, and wash well. Not only has it withstood multiple washings without wrinkling, but I alsoI enjoy wearing the shirt to work out or lounge around in. I even wore this shirt to Sunday Morning Church, can I get an Amen?

There are several items I look forward to test running in the future, and hopefully I will review a new two-tone pair of workout shorts that Hurt Locker Apparel has just came out with. Upon viewing the official release e-mail, I was able to isolate the following details:“These WOD shorts, made in the USA, are capable of taking whatever you think you can throw at them. Perfect for lifting, metcons, competition, running (Running sucks, lets face it), or anything other activity known to man.
These shorts are made out of 100% polyester, two-way stretch material, with a four-way stretch inseem area. Side slits allow you to bend and move without the apparel getting hung up on your knees. Fitted waist with sturdy drawstring and velcro fastening makes darn sure these wont slide off while you snatch 250 for reps. In addition to all of that awesomeness, we tossed in a side pocket that will fit an iPhone or set of keys, along with a small font pocket suitable for hiding a single key or for an iPod Shuffle."

The other shirt with great aesthetics and sentiment. Hurt Locker’s description of the shirt is face-meltingly epic:

"You spend a lot of time in the hurt locker training, getting faster, getting stronger. You know who else spends time in the hurt locker? Your competition. Let them know you have a seat reserved for them on the pain train with this triblend goodness. The shirt is pre-shrunk, extremely soft, comfortable, stretchy, and all that other crap that makes it bad ass. It has an athletic fit.

For those of you who want a simple shirt to hit a WOD in or just a kick around shirt, we toned this down a bit, pulled the back off, and have just some simplistic gray awesomeness for you."

The staff at Hurt Locker is also very easy to communicate via Facebook and other social medias.

Heidi and I are very much looking forward to being able to make our way to their location to do a WOD at the hurt locker, as well as, Feature more of their products on our blog.

I'm sure Heidi will eventually write something up for the ladies. She will probably sport one of their T-shirts soon and give a full run down.

I work off of a 10 Something-Something Rating, Meaning This Shirt Earns 9.5 V-Ups out of 10 for it’s exceptional comfort, style and functionality. As long as the Hurt Locker crew keeps the items a-flowing, they will always have service from this West-Coaster.