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Hylete Ladies Review

Hylete Ladies Tights - Hero Pink

If you read the men's review, you are probably aware of our love for this company. While Jason has had some experience with Hylete wear, I am new to it. I knew that their shirts held shape and washed well, but that was about it. So when I ordered my Hylete tights, I had no idea what to expect, other than a quality product. 

The tights are a hard category, many women need just the right fit. And really, the waistband can make or break a pair of workout pants. The black Hylete tights come in a few colors (trim colors) and Hero Pink was of course my choice! It's the right color pink for all your breast cancer awareness wear! The design is great, and the placement of the logo is very stylish. The picture online doesn't do justice to the material, the tights are thick enough not to be see through, (no dreaded dead lift peek through!) yet still breathable. The fabric in the center of the pink, down the side of the leg is a little more mesh than the rest of the pant, which makes for a pretty awesome look. The waistband is reversible, which is that "make it or break it" feature. Congrats Hylete! You did this well! If left up as above, its simply black and keeps the pant at a traditional waistline. This is great for ladies who want a little more support, or maybe just don't love that low rise look. It can also be folded down, for low rise and a flash of that great looking Hylete logo. Folding it down does make the waistband a little firmer, but by no means tight. There are many types of fabric and tights out there, I have found these to be flattering to the shape, as well as have great booty shape! Yes, I said it! We all turn around in the dressing room, and these are squat enhancing pants. 

Hylete managed to design a pant that keeps a very feminine look for us girls to wear while we flip tires. One of the hardest things for me to do is order online, I am a very curvy size 8-10. And with many companies using Jr size clothing, that can mean a very broad range of sizes depending on fit. Hylete's size chart says a "medium" is suitable for a size 6-8 and a "large" is suitable for a 10-12. Since I was ordering tights I opted for a large. I can say their sizing is right on. I am happy with the fit and can comfortably wear the waistband either way. They stay where they are when I run, lift, flip into a handstand or hit the bottom of a squat, which is an important feature. 

I highly recommend them, and the best part is they are on sale right now! Pair that with our WODville readers coupon and you have a reason to get the matching shirt. (I just ordered mine) To shop Hylete, click on the coupon and don't forget to add the code at checkout! 


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