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Hylete Mens Review

Sporting my new Hylete gear!

Hylete Apparel

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I'm extremely excited to bring this next company to you, Hylete Apparel. Despite the youth of this company, they have succeeded in making a more than impressive name for themselves. With an aggressive marketing strategy, and highly motivated staff they are on the move to be one of the best Crossfit venders out there today. They also provide discounts to their military/ first reponder customers. Heidi and I have just recently recieved additional apparel from Hylete, and I absolutely love it.

For the last three or four months, I've been wearing one of their shirts to work out in. While the shirts run smaller than average, the style and shape is a perfect match for any CrossFitter. If you participate in CrossFit and enjoy the Muscle-Fit style shirts - closer on the upper torso but looser on the lower - you have to put an order in with Hylete!

I made contact with Jenn "the Commish" Null, Hylete's Team Commissioner, and she had this to say about the company, "HYLETE launched at the CrossFit Games last July, and has grown quickly since. We are significantly expanding both men's and women's lines in 2013. We will launch a new convertible equipment bag, as well as a few other items that will be launched by the CrossFit games in July."

As for the product; it fits like a glove, washes like sweatpants, and breathes like Egyptian Cotton. It, by far, is one of my favorite pieces of apparel on the market today.

 Hylete Short: LOVE THEM!Hylete Shorts video
The comfort and feel of their lowers is super. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, these are my favorite shorts to workout in! Box jumps, burpees, squats, you name it, you get full range of motion and they never obstruct you from any movement you are attempting to accomplish. The side pockets are great for wallets or iphone. The waist band is strong but flexible, and one can tell that Hylete truly put a lot of effort into this product. It goes without saying that I will be purchasing more in the very soon future.

What I would hope to see in the future from them is possibly some more apparel designs on the shirts. And, as I said before, the sizes for both shirts and shorts run a little small, so when you go to order your own, remember to order a size up from the usual, unless your in between sizes.  But understand Hylete is a phenomenal product, and I will be wearing it aslong as they continue to produce apparel.

Also Hylete had provided a discount code for all WODville readers. Using it will get you 25% OFF! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Buy early and often!!! You will not be let down with this product! Punch in Wodville25 at

In the end, I give the shirts 9.25 Snatches out of 10, and the shorts 9750 meters out of 10000. Heidi will be doing a review on some of their product soon. Im so excited about future reviews with Hylete. jackets and socks down the road!


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