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Metcon Ladies Review

Metcon Ladies AMRAP tank

Love my pink AMRAP top! This poor tank has been through a lot. In our house Metcon is known for lasting, we wear their shirts casually and at the gym as well. If you're a Crossfitter you know they can get beat up in the gym.

The tank holds it's shape, and thankfully does not have a shelf bra! Fewer things more annoying than an unnecessary layer of fabric that does nothing. (end rant) ha!

Metcon is known for being a patriotic company, which scores high in our books! Their slogan "Fitness apparel made for the every day Crossfit warrior" is well stated and they live up to it.

As far as pricing, they are right in the ballpark of most Crossfit apparel, may be a few dollars higher on some items, but when you realize how long they last it is well worth it. (And if you use the coupon code below, it's even better)

Metcon has a significant variety of designs and colors. The tank above is 98% cotton 2% spandex and maintains its shape nicely. The spandex keeps the cotton from swelling to a larger size during a super sweaty workout. It is made by Bella and if you have ever worn Bella clothing, you know it runs small. I usually wear a medium, but do wear a large in this top. Like most tanks on the Crossfit market right now, it is racer back. But one nice different feature is that it has a long body on it. This tank hits right below my hips.

While I usually hang my Crossfit clothes to dry, I have accidentally tossed this one in the dryer a few times. I am happy to say it has not faded, has no piling (fuzz balls), and I didn't notice any shrinking.

I will be adding some more Metcon to my workout wardrobe and am excited to try some of their new items.

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