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Metcon Mens Review

Metcon Apparel

For some time now, I have found myself enjoying the products Metcon Apparel has produced. First of all, Metcon is patriotic. As evidence of Metcon’s national pride that shows through their apparel, I personally wore it to Disney World’s 4th of July celebrations.

I’ve noticed that most shirts I’ve owned only last about 6 months. As of the time of this writing, I have now owned this shirt for over a year, and it has yet to fail me in any way! This shirt washes well and comes from the dryer wrinkle free.

As for the materials, this shirt is 50% Polyester 37.5% Cotton 12.5% Rayon. A courageous take on the unique Metcon design, this tri-blend tee fits a little snug so I recommend going up a size if you′re on the fence.

Metcon was great to work with. There proactivity in communication with me simply fantastic.

July 4th, 2012
I received the honor to talk to one of the owners , Corey Crocco. And he told me the creed by which Metcon conducts it’s fashion:

“Our new Quote we are living by is; Think, Be, Live, Fit.”

Think Fit - Once you believe you will achieve
Be Fit - Work to become the athlete within
Live Fit - You are unstoppable with a fit mind, body, and soul”

Our mission statement is: Lifestyle Apparel consciously designed for CrossFitters and athletes everywhere, Our goal is to create comfortable, functional, yet fashionable fitness apparel while expressing our "think fit, be fit, live fit" mentality”.

Crocco and his childhood friend Bruce Barger started Metcon. Bruce competed in Crossfit So-Cal Regionals. In short, these guys are no joke to the fitness world.  They are great and easy to communicate with and their website is easy to navigate.

Recently, I was very excited to be one of the first to wear their new ‘Unbroken’ shirt and wear it during workout 13.4. Though I'm not a big fan of neon, this shirt wears well. I've ran it through the wash about 5 times now. It goes without saying that you should not dry it on hot, because, sadly, it wrinkles. However, after washing and drying it on a cooler temperature, it came out great. Also, they recently came out with a long sleeve unbroken shirt.

As I mentioned before, this Pennsylvania-based company has a strong patriotic approach as well that you can clearly see in their designs.

In fact, they have just rolled out a great T-shirt that supports the victims of the Boston Bombing, part of the proceeds go to the victims.

Webster defines Community as a unified body of individuals...

Metcon released this week, "Let’s show how our community stands united and support those most affected by the Boston tragedy. To paraphrase Roosevelt, April 15, 2013 is a date that will forever live in infamy. It will not soon be forgotten by the brave men and women of Boston, the United States, and the world.

So many lives were affected by this horrific event.

Metcon Apparel will donate all of the proceeds from their Boston / Strong Tee to The One Fund. This fund was set up by the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick and the Mayor of Boston, Tom Menino."

Metcon is definitely in my top three CrossFit apparel vendors. I look forward to reviewing more of their products as they come out. Heidi and I will be back to tell you more about future Metcon items. Also, we are discussing with them about designing a WODville/Metcon shirt.
In the end, I give Metcon 9.25 boxjumps out of 10. WODville looks forward to a long endorcing repore with Metcon.

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