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So, a few days ago, I got some more merchandise in from the Hurt Locker Apparel Company.  As you already know, being one of my favorite shirts, I loved their “Battlefield Certified” shirt and wear it all the time.  So as you can imagine, I had high hopes for other Hurt Locker Apparel that arrived on our (Heidi and I) porch.

Firstly, let me clarify on a few topics that I may have forgotten to emphasize on in my first Hurt Locker blog. First of all, I love the entire concept that Hurt Locker presents. We have guys over-seas sacrificing their lives and time (with family) for the unprecedented rights we hold. These men and women truly serve in the “Hurt Locker.” And that is our brothers in EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal). I have two close friends that I work with within law-enforcement that serve in our county bomb squad. The sacrifice that they make in the “Hurt Locker” to protect the citizens of the US means alot to me. So as I said, the concept behind Hurt Locker Apparel is something that I relish. 4 to 5 days a week my wife and I go into our Hurt-Locker for our trainer, Shane, to push us until we can’t do anymore.

Now then, let’s talk about SHORTS! What’s that? Shorts from
Hurt Locker Apparel? My first thought was that the plan was just to stick to the sweet shirts they make! If I had one word to describe their shorts: Bodacious! As you know I love my shorts from Hylete, but these Hurt Locker Shorts are amazing! I will definitely purchase more of their shorts as they come!

I was pushing out Thrusters this week in my new HurtLocker Apparel
Furthermore, I must explain that this over-the-hill 41-year-old is proud to say that he’s a Hurt Locker Athlete! The shorts are extremely comfortable, nonrestrictive in movement, and slide in every direction imaginable for every movement you would do in Crossfit!

Besides these great shorts, I also received another Hurt Locker Apparel shirt that I will wear in and out of the gym (pictured below). Once again it is extremely comfortable, flexible, soft to touch, and stretchable. It also washes with no wrinkles and hangs smooth.

Heidi also received a few items this week in our shipment from Hurt Locker Apparel and will be writing review(s) on those as well.

I got to spend a little time this week communicating with Thom Greenwood, one of the owners from Hurt Locker Apparel. Being an extremely cool guy to talk with, he has an aggressive stance on marketing and advertisement. As you were able to tell in my first blog Thom and his fellow co-owners are strong, patriotic Americans!

In the end, I can tell you this one thing, WODville will be purchasing and wearing more Hurt Locker Apparel as it becomes available. And Hurt Locker Apparel, keep the sweet designs on comfortable gear coming.  Its being recognized and noticed throughout the Crossfit community!

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