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Hurt Locker Ladies Review

This week I get to review Hurt Locker Apparel.
Of course the amazing crew at Hurt Locker understands me, so my items came in and were rockin' the pink! First let's talk shirt, I have and am currently wearing the shirt to the right. The picture makes it look black, but it's really more of a very dark charcoal. I love the design of the logo, its just enough tough girl (rawr) with that girly pink! And the sleeve logo is awesome too, the picture makes it look like it would be down on the arm, but it sits right at the deltoid curve. (which looks really cool if you have been working them)

The sizing may run a little small, I typically wear a ladies medium, and that is what I ordered. While it does fit, it's a little more form fitting that most mediums, however the length is great. The fabric is a soft athletic feel and has washed very well. I often have issues with logos like these cracking and this has definitely not been a complaint. It has rolled around a gym floor a few times, been hit with a barbell, and covered in chalk and girl sweat. I love that it washes up just as nice as when I got it and can throw it on with jeans for my day off. The fabric is quality, not see through and has firm hems that don't break or fray out like cheaply made shirts.

I will say the form fit is nice as it does stay in place during a workout or handstands. If you are among us in the "busty" population I would highly recommend ordering a size larger than normal.

Again, it's pink, so get one and add it to your breast cancer awareness wardrobe for October!

Now the wraps. No surprise, they're pink! This was actually a new tool for me. The gym we work out in doesn't really encourage wraps, hand guards, etc. I actually really liked them,  and used them for a workout with front squats. They were great support, well made and of course.....very cute! Hurt Locker sells them in pairs (which should be common sense, but some don't) and they come in a standard 9.5" length. They have a thumb loop and a velcro enclosure that is like "hulk grade" velcro! They do exactly what they say they do, while they make you  look good doing it.

As you get ready for those summer wods, login and check them out. Best of all, we have a coupon! Click the coupon below to shop now.

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