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AMRAP Nutrition Review

AMRAP Nutrition, for Crossfit Athletes on the Paleo diet!   So let's talk about AMRAP Nutrition. They specialize in a Paleo friendly refueling bars. I was looking forward to receiving our box of AMRAP Nutrition bars in the mail. Being that we just started Paleo 3 weeks ago. Heidi and I both opened it to just see how well it tasted. Our plan was to split a bar, after opening it, and both of us taking our first bite; I handed her the rest of the bar and opened my own. When I tell you this, I am not exaggerating this is the best tasting Paleo friendly bar that I’ve tasted !

A box of eight bars runs $23.99. These bars are a must for fellow Paleo eaters! They lasted three days in our house between my wife and I.

I devoured my first bar!
From AMRAP: We are the nutrition company for high intensity, cross-trained, extreme athletes. Our motto is simple: produce high quality products, never use preservatives or artificial sweeteners, promote the paleo diet and live a healthy lifestyle.
Your expectations are very high, and we hope to rise above and beyond them. We too live your lifestyle, and understand what it takes to fuel and recover from it
Please enjoy your experience with AMRAP Nutrition!

-Your AMRAP Family

 AMRAP Nutrition receives an A+ rating from WODville. This is a superior product and tastes fantastic.

WODville truly look forward to anything new that comes from AMRAP Nutrition and looks forward to future reviews and a long review relationship with this company!

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