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Rigor Gear Ladies Review

This week I get to review Rigor Gear! I must say I was impressed instantly when I went on their site, I absolutely LOVE when barbells are included in logos. One of the tops Rigor sent me was the top to the right with the flag being made up of barbells. I love the use of pink!! Both tops are tanks and size large. As stated in other reviews my average top is an 8/10 or medium. The Rigor Gear large fits a little looser than a regular medium but is very comfortable, I would say "true to size" for those ordering.

 The black barbell tank is not the burnout style, just the regular black, which I prefer. The shirts are manufactured by next level which I have always loved the quality of as well as the fact that next level has a curvy cut, meaning the sides are tapered in just a little for a more feminine look. I will be entering this one into my June tank top challenge to find the perfect Crossfitting Tank!  Fits well, sweats well and stays in place as it is tortured in the gym.

My other top is the green burnout "burpees suck" top. My most favorite of the two! I really never imagined thos would be my favorite. Out of the box it had two things going against it, 1. it was racerback (not a favorite style) 2. it was burnout. So when I wore it to class and realized how comfy it was I was shocked. One reason I don't like most racerback is the dip below the arm, it can be unflattering if it goes to low, this one does not. And the burnout, well it becomes completely see through once you sweat in most shirts, this one did not! Impressed! It's of course a fun neon green and pays respect to the fact that we are all burpee haters. This top as well will be entered into June's challenge, and will get a true beating at class!

It truly is the most comfortable, stay in place, cut just right, tank I own. Even now, after class as I sit here typing I am wearing it to lounge in. Has washed well and maintained it's colors well.

If you are looking for some fun neon summer gear,  I highly recommend hopping on with our 20% off coupon and getting these two (if not more)!

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  1. It seems that this gear is really productive to wear and i really like this as an athletic wear.