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RipFix Review

We here at WODville Have a new product to introduce to you today. We received RipFix in the mail a few weeks ago and yes it’s coming in handy around the Hensley house.

Yesterday, at Central East Regionals, I noticed that on the telecast SCOTT PANCHIK had ripped during the 100s. Within a short period of time, he was on twitter looking for the folks at RipFix to find him. One of the big names with in Crossfit was hunting RipFix down for some major rips, that pretty cool!

 Heidi and I both us straps when we are doing a high volume of pull-ups. Let me let you in a little secret, this product is not only for ripped hands. I used it this last week for my chapped lips, as well as, on my heels. We had spent three days on the coast and I just wore flip-flops. My heels begin to crack so I figured let's put Rip Fix to the test. The next morning the cracks had already began to heal up.

 Though neither one of our hands have ripped we wanted to bring this product to the attention of all of our readers. I will do a before and after shot of my foot LOL and show you the benefits of RipFix.

Pricing starts at only $10. It's also good for chapped lips, day/cracked heels, scrapes, and burns.

 Check them out at