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RIPT SKIN SYSTEMS use promo code "WODville" for 10% off

I must start off by saying that my original plan for writing this review was to inform the readers of this product, because it's been 8 to 10 months since I've ripped my hands, and we use straps, so we don’t rip. Right!

But after 100 plus pull-ups in a WOD recently my long stretch of no rips ended. I had RIPT SKIN SYSTEMS in my workout bag. I grabbed the Quick Fix and put it on within a few minutes of the rip. I followed the step by step that RIPT SKIN SYSTEMS provided and in 4 day this was the results! BOOYA!

 I've now moved on to using the stone in the shower and my hands are doing great!
The following info comes directly from RIPT SKIN SYSTEMS website:

 Time to grab a RIPT hand care kit!

 Specifically designed to repair damaged skin, RIPT's 3 Phase Skin Reinforcement System will get you back to enjoying your sport as fast as possible.
Perfect for CrossFit and kettlebell sports, rowing, weightlifting, gymnastics, rock climbing, or any other activity which requires heavy use of your hands.

 Kit Includes:

 1- 0.15oz tube of DAILY DOSE hand balm*
 1- 0.15oz tube of QUICK FIX hand balm*
 1- GRINDSTONE synthetic pumice

  *Made from 100% all natural ingredients.

 After seeing the photo of my hand that proof enough that this stuff works. My father-in-law has used the everyday balm on his hands and tried to steal it from my house :) This stuff works..
WODville readers get 10% off by using promo code WODville. If you are a crossfitter order this stuff and keep it in your bag.. Put the stone in the shower and use it daily.  

 Great product RIPT SKIN SYSTEMS!


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