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Routa Athletik Mens Review

Routa Athletik is next up for review. Great product, but let’s start with what the title of their company means.

“Routa is a Finnish word which translates to: a ground frost that remains virtually unlivable most of the year. Within this harsh environment, only the strongest survive.

We stay true to our heritage and stood by the philosophy that what must be done, will be done, regardless of what it takes. Some call it “Sisu”, for us at Routa, it is a simply a combination of stamina, perseverance, courage, and determination held in reserve for hard times.

Routa Athletik was founded in early 2012, by two long-time friends. After initially meeting at a local gym, a series of coincidences brought these men together years later in London, England where they studied together. It was in London, where the initial discussions for Routa Athletik began. CrossFit didn’t exist back then, but what did – was a dedication to hard work and a passion for functional fitness and testing your physical limits.”

Their Mission Statement:  Scandinavian Functional Design For Functional Training

Heidi and I both got a couple of products in the mail from Routa Athletik. I received a blue T-shirt as well as an ACU digital camo hat. Love both items and wear them often.

 The hat is made by Condor a tactical company. With the Routa Athletik attached. As most of you know I'm a tactical officer in the local agency in California. I wear  this to training and casually around town often.

 As for the shirt, it fits very well extremely comfortable and washes nice. In fact I wore it to church last Sunday!

 The owners are extremely easy to communicate and work with. Fantastic customer service!  From the time that the order was put in, to the time that it was on my front door was two days, super-fast shipping. There is no question that I will order from them again and we look forward to reviewing additional apparel that they produce in the future. They just came out with shorts as well. Heidi will be doing a review of the tank top that she received from them as well.
You need to log on and order gear from Routa Athletik.

 I give the shirt a solid 9 pull-ups out of 10 and I give the hat a 9.75 out of 10, the hat is a major score. I look forward in reviewing their shorts in the future..

Routa Athletik keep up the good work!

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