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The Sox Box Mens Review Promo code WODv10 for 10% off

Promo Code  WODv10 for 10% off   

The Sox Box Is a Crossfit socks company out of Monterey, California. Heidi and I both received a pair of socks from the Sox Box. The moment I wore mine into my local box everyone began to ask where we got them.

 Obviously wearing socks during the summertime can get a little sticky, but they are definitely a head turner and are excellent for anything in bringing the bar from the ground to protect your shins. They are very breathable, and there great to wear out and about as well.  

 I love the pair that I got being that I am a big patriotic guy. They have an American flag on them. They have many different socks to choose from including our Armed Forces and other phrases related to Crossfit.

 The costs are very inexpensive at under $10. They wash and fit excellent. Take the time to go to their website ( ) and look at everything they have to offer.  I will be surprised if after checking their website you don't put an order in immediately!

AND I JUST NOTICED THEY CAME OUT WITH A USA PAIR! ohhh I have to get a pair of those!

 The other cool part about this company is that 20% of every purchase goes to a fund for wounded United States military veterans. That is important to me and should be important to the rest of you that sleep every night under the colors of red white and blue!

 This company is owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team, Vince and Athena, Who are true Crossfitters at heart!



Our socks are 68% Cotton, 25% Nylon, 4% Spandex and 3% Polypropylene. Not to worry! When you're kickin arse during burpee or box jumps these babies aren’t going anywhere! They stay put. Tested by yours truly. All Sox Box socks are manufactured in the United States.


One size fits most. They have a cushioned foot and heel and are incredibly stretchy! Fits women’s U.S. shoe size 7 to 11 and men’s U.S. shoe size 7 to 12.5. The socks are 14 inches from heel to the top of the cuff (unstretched), and fit up to 18-19 inch calves. Let me also add, I have been known for super thick calves and have the hardest time finding boots to fit. So you thick chicks out there…these are for YOU!

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 As for a rating they would receive a strong 9+ out of 10. For the fill, comfort, and price Sox Box truly hit a homerun and are offering a fantastic service to the Crossfit community.. Good job, Sox Box.