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Us-Vs-Us Mens Review use promo code WODVILLE for 20% off

US-VS-US, I love these guys. This So-Cal Crossfit Company has some sick wicked designs. Being a Dodgers fan I absolutely love their Wodgers shirt. Instead of the baseball flying through the logo it's a wall ball.

 I'll tell you right now that this SoCal Company has taken over NorCal especially in the Hensley household. 3 of the 4 Hensley's sport the WODGERS shirt on a regular basis, and I have it in both black and blue. The shirts are extremely comfortable to wear and I love wearing it around town, as well as, in our local box.

I sported my WODGERS shirt recently during a WOD
 The crew at US-VS-US is a bunch of fun easy-going guys. I've enjoyed getting to know one of the owners, Christian Martinez. He is super easy to communicate with and his customer service is superior.

 Another shirt that Heidi and I both got in was the Annie shirt. It was pretty cool because we got our shirts and in the following weekend we were watching The South West Regionals and Zack Forrest was competing. And lo and behold, he was wearing the same shirt!

 Heidi will be doing a ladies review later:)

Info about them:

Us vs. Us began as a conversation among two longtime friends. Frustrated with inferior designs from other companies, they sought out to create something that had never been done before. Drawing upon their keen sense of fashion, and influenced by street wear, graffiti art and pop-culture, they produced fresh shirts that appeal to Crossfitters in a new way by being able to go from their BOX to the street and not think twice.  us vs. us knows the commitment and sacrifice one goes through everyday which is why they put as much hard work into every design as you put into your WOD.

 The name Us vs. Us

 Derives from the Latin word usus which translates into experience, skill, and advantage. These qualities are one strives for with every WOD. Our perseverance everyday will give us more experience than he had yesterday. Experience will turn into more skill, thus becoming more efficient, which we will then use to our advantage to attain an elite level of fitness. In this community we have no enemies, the only enemy is within, which is why it is us vs. us.


 So as for the shirts they wash and fit excellent. I give Us-Vs-Us a solid 9+ out of 10.    use promo code WODVILLE for 20% off


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