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Prepare to be Addicted!
I'm so pumped to bring the readers of WODville our newest company.  WOD ADDICTION has some great designs and a wicked logo! "WOD" and the "O" is a skull shaped as a kettlebell.

 Their stuff is an eye turning. We got 5 items in the mail a week ago. LJ (WODville Editor) will be writing his first review of the "Drink It Up" shirt ... Heidi got a few items (and will be writing about her first pair of pants) that she loves! And I got the men's WOD Addiction Black shirt and the men's Barbell club "REP IT OUT" shorts ..

 So let’s talk about the shirt. Super comfortable and great design love the skull kettlebell on the sleeve. The shirt is a Tri-blind. Cleans and wears excellent!

Men’s WOD ADDICTION short sleeve shirt  Tri-Blend (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon)  Polyester retains shape and elasticity; Cotton lends both comfort and durability; addition of Rayon makes for a unique texture and drapes against the body for a slimming look.

 The staff at WOD Addiction are super easy to work with and are Crossfit enthusiasts themselves!

 I love these shorts! They wear great and move in every direction. I recently wore them in a WOD involving kettle-bell swings and thrusters they performed great! The slits on the sides allow me to push my knees out as far as I needed during the squats.

Mens Grey Barbell Club/ REP IT OUT Fight Shorts     Constructed with a two way stretch fabric these fight shorts will provide the comfort and performance you are looking for in a fight short. They have a 6″ side seam split, lycra flex panel and the waistband includes a drawstring for a perfect fit.   *”REP IT OUT” inspired by Eric Otero from CrossFit RIO.

The great thing about WOD ADDICTION is that they have both men and women stuff. They carry more than shirts. They have men and women sweatpants with their logo on it. You really need to log onto their web site and order some gear and WODville readers can use promo code Wodville10 to save 10%.  I love their product and will be purchasing more gear in the future. They have become one of my favorite apparel companies out there. The designs and variety puts them up there with the big boys of Crossfit Apparel.   I give WOD Addiction a strong 9.25 out of 10 KB swings.


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