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WOD ADDICTION Review by Editor LJ Hensley

In the most recent shipment of clothes we received, I attained my own tee. Furthermore, it was from a company that my parents had not yet reviewed; WODAddiction. Firstly, let me begin by saying that I am not picky when it comes to the looks of shirts; however I am when it comes to the feel. 
The tee I got was WODAddiction's 'Drink It Up' shirt. On the front, vertically and reading sideways, it says 'WODADDICTION,' and on the back it has a graphic of what appears to be the Kool-Aid man but instead of his face, it says again WOD Addiction, but just below it, it says 'Drink It Up.' As for the actual appeal of these things, I found the backside to be very well-done and appealing to the eye when worn.
As for what matters in a work-out shirt, the feel and functionality; it feels amazing!!  It's extremely soft and forming. On top of that, its natural shape isn't necessarily barrel-cut, but it keeps the wearer looking more top-heavy than not. (In a good way)
In the long-haul, this shirt does not and will not disappoint. And furthermore, it fulfills the needs of a workout shirt. In the end, WODAddiction's 'Drink It Up' shirt gets 9 Box Jumps out of 10. Very cool shirt! I will be sporting this often during my Sr. Year of High School!

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