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2POOD Review

 Let me start off by saying that we absolutely love being a part of the crossfit community. Four months ago when Heidi and I started off on this venture I thought it would be fun to review a few apparel products. And now that we are 30 companies in I am blown away by the response we have gotten from our fellow Crossfitters.
With that in mind, I'm so excited to introduce to you one of the big boys in the CrossFit community apparel world and that is 2POOD. These guys have a wide arrange of apparel, gear, and equipment for you to choose from. This last week I got in their new patriotic digital camo shorts along with some wrist wraps and Heidi got a headband. Everything that comes from this company is top notch and first class.
 As soon as I pulled the wrist wraps out of my bag pre-workout both of my trainers walked up and began to checking them out. They commented on before I was even able to wear them on how sturdy the wrist wraps were. I wore them while doing heavy overhead squats. Excellent product brought strong stability to my wrists! I also used them with the new natural grips to do pull-ups. They held the grips in place as well!
Heidi enjoys the headband. There is a strip inside of it that keeps your hair from sliding out. She received the white and Black strips.
 So now let’s get on to what this review is really all about and that is the sweet action shorts that I got. Two things that are near and dear to my heart, digital camo and the American flag.. THIS PAIR IS ALL THAT!
These patriotic shorts are phenomenal in appearance and extremely functional during workout!  Every time I wear the shorts I am asked where I purchased them from.
 As for the functionality of the product A+! No restriction of movement, very lightweight and comfortable to wear.
 The information provided at
 Calling all Patriots!!!  The most epic FREEDOM shorts ever conceived are here in time for the 2013 Games!  Built on the v.3.0 platform in light-weight, fast-drying microfiber custom Digital Woodland MARPAT print with the left side panel made of stars and the right side panel made of stripes.
 Black lycra underside and black-trimmed side slits assure your ability to go below parallel on squats and flexibility is never in question. Super performing WOD shorts whether going for a PR or competing against the best.
 Tested and proven in the ultimate proving grounds for athletic performance.  Limited Edition.
These truly are a great pair of shorts and are one of my favorite pair! Do not wait to order a pair!
 2POOD has all kinds of other gear and apparel for purchase! Everything that we have touched is excellent, gear and apparel! WODville truly looks forward to reviewing future product that 2POOD produces! They truly cater to the Crossfitter! log on and order!!!
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