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Man, where to start with this company. A month or so ago, we received some product: post workout greens, fish oil, and pre-workout. Since then I've ordered protein and replenished our fish oil. Let me start off by saying, I absolutely love every product that I have tried from F3 Nutrition.

So when we first got the product in, I took possession of the post workout (
Rebellion and Heidi took the greens. Within a few days we were both trying it together.
I cannot say enough about their post workout rebellion. I take this about 10 minutes after my CrossFit workout. I can honestly say that within an hour of taking Rebellion, I felt completely relaxed, refreshed, and recovered. During this period of time Heidi and I have been working hard in our local Box.  Im excited about this post workout that F3 nutrition has produced. It has protein the good carbs and other important nutrition for muscle recovery and development.

My wife found a little secret to using this product, as well and that is to add ice to it. It tastes like an Orange Julius. For a Crossfit who is on Paleo, we get our sweet tooth fix by drinking our post workout. LOL I strongly encourage you to log on and order rebellion today from F3 Nutrition you will not be disappointed in results or taste!
As for the greens, we are now using the greens pre, during, and post workout. Our energy levels have soared since using the greens during our workout. Our WOD times have improvised drastically and this helped being that we started Paleo about a month ago. We are now including the greens in our vegetable smoothies in the morning.

Their FISH OIL it is a great product, I have been using it for over a month now and I do not get that fish oil burp that you often get from other products.

I just received protein in about a week ago, as for the protein it tastes great I included with my morning shakes, pre-workouts, and before I go to bed.

Heidi stole my shaker!
I’m not a big pre-workout guy because most products make me feel like I’m going to have my heart explode out of my chest. I have used their pre-workout about a dozen times, on days that I’m dragging. I only use a ½ scope. There have not been any jitters or that feeling that my heart is over working.

Heidi and I classifiers ourselves as F3 nutrition athletes! We love the product and will continue to use them, promote them, and market them!

As for a side note, they have some really cool state-of-the-art “sweet action” protein cups.

Over the last few months I have got the opportunity to get to know the owner Mark Post. Fitness is a humongous part of his life and it is evident in the product that his company produces. And we won't hold it against him that he is a Miami Heat fan. LOL!!

Everything that we have used and tried has proven to be an excellent product. We used F3 product in our first month of Paleo and I believe it is one of the reasons why we have had fantastic success in our first month!

Time to shop, do it... F3 nutrition the way to go!!
Mark nailing his Pull-Up PR

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  1. Thanks Jason and Heidi for great review and the time you both took evaluating our products. Great to work with such strong CrossFit followers and athletes. I wanted add for your readers the pre workout used is our Air Speed Endurance pre workout designed for high intensity training like CF. Also, the Phytomyte Greens are highest quality freeze dried and all natural for optimal nutrient benefits. thx,and train hard mark