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Breakfast of champs Good2GoBar and FitAid..
 a little cross marketing :)  


So I've drank a lot of energy drinks and post workout drinks! But now that we are Paleo peeps those have been cut out on the most part! So when I read that FitAid was Paleo/Crossfit friendly it caught my attention!

So last week we got 12 cans in the mail. I slammed them into the refrigerator and a few hours later took it with me as my post workout drink.

Taste and effect is what I'm going to hit on. First of all, as soon as I opened it and took my first drink, I WAS HOOKED!! It's carbonated so I felt like I was getting a treat! It tastes great! The other nice part is that feeling you have after that long WOD when you are very thirsty was solved.

So let’s talk about the effect. We have a pool and will usually head home and jump in about 30 minutes post WOD. I had recovered form a hard 30 minute WOD and was able to swim laps.. My recovery was very fast, and I strongly believe FitAid had a strong effect! I've used it 4 other times and every time have gotten the same results.

I also kept a chilled can waiting after a full day of tactical training. I drank it on the way home, right before we went in to workout! I had a super workout and was blown away by the energy I had!

I won't name the other drinks that lots of Crossfitters drink, but FitAid is the best that I've tasted and the results are super.

I'm also working on getting out Box to sell the product. Excellent drink! THE BEST CROSSFIT DRINK ON THE MARKET TODAY! WODville looks forward to reviewing more products from FitAid
FitAid web site advises:
FitAID was developed through the mind of a young athletic individual looking for a fitness  product that wasn’t filled with fake, unhealthy ingredients. Instead, he wanted one that provided a benefit to his fitness goals while maintaining a great taste. After an exhausting search and trying most every product on the market, he realized one did not exist and thus FitAID was born. FitAID is designed with a demanding customer in mind. A customer who wants a product to live up to what it says it is. Healthy, all-natural, beneficial, activity specific, and great tasting. FitAID meets all these criteria and is the only product on the market that does.
What Makes Them Different?
Most sports drinks are little more than colored sugar water with added electrolytes (i.e. salt) and a massive advertising budget. Furthermore, these drinks are one-size-fits-all in their approach. Does a round of golf or a game of baseball put the same demands on your body as an intense workout?
A new generation of drinks that claims to include vitamins and other health promoting nutrients in their formula, in fact, commonly contain only ineffective trace amounts. A few powdered products may actually be potent, but they are inconvenient to use and have a strong medicinal taste. This is because it is extremely difficult to combine an effective amount of these substances and still have a pleasant tasting beverage. The FitAID team worked long and hard at solving the dilemma of taste vs. potency. Success was achieved. Extensive testing, evaluation and collaboration with the elite athletic community resulted in a product the delivers a whopping 2343mg of active ingredients and supplements, all in a surprisingly delicious flavor.