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G2OH Review


Our next company up that I want to talk about is G2OH apparel. Matt Walls and his brother Bryan are the owners of G2OH. They live and train in Roswell, GA.

So before we jump into this week’s review, I want us to get to know about the crew at G2OH!

They train out of the G2OH warehouse gym! Their original home box was CrossFit Johns Creek and they still have a very close relationship with CFJC. The owners, Dan and Lara Sturm, are good friends of Matt and Bryan. Dan assisted with building G2OH. Matt started doing CrossFit out of Dan’s garage in 2009. Bryan, started a year later when Dan and Lara founded CrossFit Johns Creek.

Fun Fact: Matt trains working dogs in DVG with Dan Sturm, the owner of CrossFit Johns Creek. DVG includes tracking, obedience, and protection training

What movements he likes: Ring dips and Deadlifts

What is his struggle: OHS, Olympic Snatch (terrible mobility!) which is kind of funny being that the movement he dislikes is part of the title of his business :) Through he loves Olympic Lifting!

G2OH, or Ground to Overhead, is a strength and CrossFit inspired brand. Their mission is to make the best apparel and gear for athletes. They also offer custom printing for boxes. The best part is they have no minimums! That way you don't tie up a bunch of cash in inventory, and just order the shirts as you need them.

So recently Heidi and I received two shirts a piece from them. Heidi's review of ladies apparel will follow at a later date.

I absolutely love the designs on both shirts that I received. The first time that I was on their website and saw the sweat angel shirt, I busted up laughing. Having a biblical background it was a must shirt for me. Both of the shirts that I have worn are extremely comfortable. I wore my sweat angel shirt to work out last night and with multiple movements in the upper body, it did extremely well.

Everything that they produce is top notch the graphics are well laid out and organized. I have worn both around town and received  multiple compliments on them.

I on the other hand, love the Snatch and over head squat, so I love the second shirt. They have their logo small in the mid of the back of this shirt.

They also carry a line of socks for crossfitters and their soon to come out with their own line of WOD shorts. We are excited about writing a second review on their shorts when they come out! Matt and Bryan are doing an excellent job with their apparel and we hope one day to travel their way and visit their box.
Log on and order from these guys! They have a lot of designs to check out!
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