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GAME ON.. A new Crossfit Company


Michael Rossi started CrossFitting in 2008 and quickly fell in love with the sport.  He is currently a CrossFit L1 and Endurance coach in Maryland. He has created a company called Game On! 

Michael saw the thousands of affiliates (and growing) needing a platform for all their competition needs. 

With thousands of competitions, throwdowns, and challenges being held year round, globally, affiliates and athletes rely upon Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to post updates about events and the results. He wanted to solve this problem by providing an end-to-end competition management and social media site for the CF community.

Game On!

Game On! is a complete competition management and social media site to host, manage, and promote CrossFit affiliate events and the many athletes that are constantly competing.  Much like CrossFit, Game On! is data-driven, providing the community a one-stop platform for answering questions such as:

- who is holding a competition next weekend?
- Where are the results for the competition last weekend?
- Which athletes are competing at a certain event?
- and the list goes on

Game On will provide the ability for affiliates and athletes to design and publish their upcoming events, Game On! makes it easy to keep track of all these events, participants and results via leaderboard-driven profile pages. No longer will affiliates and athletes have to use a general social media site to maintain all their competition and athlete results. Athletes and fans alike will now have the ability to easily keep track of their favorite affiliates, teams, athletes and competitions. 

With a projected 30,000 affiliates by 2020 the CF community is rapidly growing and can not continue to rely upon standalone scoring systems and generic social media sites to maintain their CF event data.

Is going live at the end of the year.. Go to the website and sign-up for the email updates ... WODville looks forward in supporting Michaels new venture !