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We are super stoked to bring back one of our companies that has been extremely loyal to our readers. Hurt Locker Apparel owners Tom and Jason have done a phenomenal job in marketing, as well as, design of their apparel. Recently we got another order of Hurt Locker Apparel in the mail and once again we were not disappointed!

Heidi and I both got a couple of T-shirts, as well as, a weight belt (for Jason). The weight belt is excellent for Crossfit related movements and it's used once or twice a week now. But we specifically want to concentrate on the designs that Hurt Locker Apparel produces. One of their owners Jason Morrison is also the designer of their shirts. The latest one that they came out with is one that we absolutely love.

"You Either Like to Lift Heavy or You're Wrong". It's across the back of the shirt!  I (Jason) have something to say about this shirt,   SICK!  SWEET ACTION. Or as our 16-year-old would say "it's premium deluxe".

The ladies cut of this shirt is the same print, same great soft fabric, and has a v-neck. They are great at producing apparel that has the perfect cuts. The ladies shirts fit true to size and are never too short. I (Heidi) love that it's the same shirt, with a feminine twist.

Hurt Locker Apparel is also upping the promo code for WODville readers. Use " WODville15 " now for a 15% discount.

Like all of their shirts that we have reviewed in the past they're extremely soft and comfortable and easy to wash. Recently we were on vacation in Seattle and I (Jason) wore it one of the days that we were there. Many people commented on how great of a shirt it was. I (Jason) also got to wear it to the original Starbucks.

We have some great apparel companies that have produced some great T-shirts, but Hurt Locker Apparels designs are some of the best.

Jason Morrison graphic designs are second to none and Thom Greenwood's customer service and communication is super! Hurt Locker Apparel needs to appear at Crossfit Games 2014 and in a few weeks there will be a super announcement between WODville and Hurt Locker.
In the original Starbucks in Seattle, Wa