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Rock Tape Review by Heidi

Rock Tape! We do have a men's review up, but I thought I would share something for the ladies. As the Crossfit games have just finished, I am sure you saw your fair share of kinesiology tape. If you are wondering what this was all about, here is a little information. 

"RockTape is a special kind of tape known as kinesiology tape. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by practitioners throughout the world to treat injuries and improve sports performance." 

Rock tape is used for all kinds of injuries that can vary from shin splints to posture correction.  Personally I have an old injury in my cervical spine, so Rock Tape is an old friend of mine. Rock Tape was used on me for almost a solid year by my physical therapist, I will say I had no idea it came in pink! Thank you for enlightening me...and coordinating my WOD outfits!

What makes this product different from any other tape out there? Several things actually! Rock Tape can stay on for days at a time, even through showers. My therapist retaped me 3x a week. While this may not seem like a major thing, it is when you realize that three days later it comes off without having the residue of an old bandaid.  It stays put through showers, through sweat, and the toughest workouts. While there are no gross residue issues, or sticky skin, watch out for tan lines. (sunblock!!)

Rock Tape also takes the time to teach you. On their site you can find several videos for how to tape specific injuries, or just how to tape for posture. For those of us "desk jockeys" posture is a major issue that can be fixed over time with some tape under your business clothes. 

Of course my pink tape came with an awesome cap, very cute! If you are new to the Crossfit world, Rock Tape is your friend after some of those killer workouts, as well as keeping posture perfect for lifts. Try it out!!


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  2. Hey Jason, Thanks for for Posting. Rock tape is a special elastic adhesive tape that is mostly used by the athletes and injured people. It contains special medicine that can reduce severe pain and injury within a few seconds. It also known as Kinesiology Tape that works as Magic..