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RX Apparel is up next for review. Heidi has already done the ladies review. She absolutely loves her Capris and shorts. Their ladies capris are new for them and they very well could be Heidi's favorite pair. but I'm hear to talk about their shorts. I now own about 20 pairs of Crossfit shorts and there are some other companies that make a great pair of shorts. As for a great pair of shorts, RX Apparel has nailed it. By far one of my favorite pair of shorts! I have done a couple of WODs in them now. Super light weight and very easy to move in. The material in which the shorts are made of are high quality!   

This is the description provided on their website:

Product Description

Our CrossFit inspired Combative Camo Shorts are perfect for any training situation.  You will love the feel and performance of our high tensile strength, ultra-light weight, 4-way stretch FLEX-SIL™ fabric.


Made with 4-way stretch FLEX-SIL™ fabric, these shorts offer the addition of a modest side split and lycra paneling for maximum comfort, breathability and completely unrestricted movement.


Rx WOD Shorts are designed with extremely durable, and virtually weightless 4-way stretch, FLEX-SIL™ fabric.


Moisture wicking, breathable and light weight. Dual-channel velcro enclosure with elasticated waistband and hidden drawstring for best fit


Designed for: CrossFit, MMA, Hybrid training 
Fabric(s): Flex-Sil™
Lycra panelling for increased mobility
Properties: superior moisture wicking, breathable, ultra lightweight, 4-way stretch, high fabric tensile strength
Inseam: 10.5”
Liner: No
Pocket: Yes (Internal pocket)

This week I went out and ran a 5k while wearing my RX Apparel shorts. They do not ride up on me at all and Absorbed sweat quickly. After one run they have turned into my jogging shorts as well! 

You truly need to order a pair of these shorts! Without question this is a first class Crossfit company! They are currently one of our featured companies and offer free shipping to WODville readers. 

I got to get to know Adam and Jay a little bit. They are the owners of this fine company. 

I asked them where they train at:

Hybrid Athletics in Langley, BC 

Their box had two teams compete in the Canada West Regionals this year... one team won the whole thing and will be competing at the games. All three of the males on that team are original Rx Apparel sponsored athletes : 

Robert Perovich
Nate Beveridge
Mark Cassibo

Adam was on the second team and competed at Regionals for the first time this past year.

Adam is crazy because his favorite WOD lately is FRAN... His PR is 2:48

His favorite lift is the snatch. (Which is also mine, so he scored points there)

They are just two guys who are incredibly passionate about CrossFit and this is there way to contribute to the sport and provide a vehicle to give back to the community of CrossFit!

I asked why they made their shorts and products the way they do...

"That one question essentially sums up the mission of the Rx brand. With a background in CrossFit, our goal was not to simply stamp a logo on a panel of fabric, throw together a website and hope for some sales. We wanted a product that was performance based and specifically tailored to the requirements of a CrossFit athlete.

Obviously the look, or aesthetics, of the shorts you choose to wear is important. However let’s be honest, most “CrossFit shorts” out there look pretty similar for the most part. The differentiating factor with our shorts had to start with a foundation based around performance.  In our opinion, the current marketplace lacked just that; it lacked performance as a starting point rather than an afterthought. That’s what sparked the inception of Rx.  The desire for something technically specific to the sport we have grown to love. " 

So as you can see these guys are truly into the sport that we all love and are very passionate about. I will tell ya that after Heidi and I have worn their product for the last 3 weeks, Adam is right on!l 

He also told me:  "It’s our hope that you’ll take a look beyond the logo when shopping for your next pair of CrossFit shorts."

So this is what's next for you the reader of WODville to do: log onto , order some gear, use free shipping code 
"WODvilleRX" !!! 3 2 1 GO!


  1. I use this t shirt under my regular sports t shirt in order to absorb the sweat . the t shirt is very absorbent and fits nice..I definitely recommend

  2. Hi, I am in the search for the perfect WOD short. So far, I like what I have read on the Forged shorts. They are just a little pricey...

    What can you recommend me?

    I like my shorts on the knee or right above it. I also prefer them with pockets.