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Blonyx Blonyx Blonyx Review


I am super pumped and excited to bring to you our next WODville Company for review. Blonyx is a Crossfit supplement company that has been around for a few years and they specialize in HMB and HMB plus Creatine.

This review is not going to get into the scientific evidence and proof of how the product works, instead, I'm just going to tell you what it has done for me during the month plus that I have been on it. Also understand that Heidi is going to write a review on HMB herself.

Firstly, a little background. If you are a new WODville reader, Heidi and I have been CrossFitting just short of three years now. Traditionally, we use basic glutamine supplements in order to address stiffness and soreness. Glutamine has worked okay on addressing that issue, but after a heavy squat workout it would still leave us extremely sore for 2 days.

I began taking the HMB-Creatine combo about a month and a half ago. The workouts that we performed during the first week were high-cardio ‘Chipper’ style WODs. When using this, those workouts don’t leave me as sore anymore.

During week 2, we did overhead squats in high-volume. That week also included heavy front squats, thrusters, and wall-balls in large quantities as well. Normally, this kind of program leaves me wrenched, but I truly can tell you that I hardly felt anything all week. I’m in law enforcement and I have to get in and out of my car at least 30 times a day. I didn’t feel tired or sore at all. As a matter of fact, I felt great.

I have used multiple supplements over the years for different reasons and purposes and I can honestly say that, to date, this product has been the best I’ve used. It should also be known that in the month and a half that I have been using this product, I have nailed three new PR’s as well.

There is no exaggeration when I say I’m better, faster and stronger than I have been since college. Blonyx is a large part of that as a result of using HMB Plus Creatine.

BLONYX scores an A+ in my book! AND THEY ARE 100% CROSSFIT!!!!!! WODville hopes to sell Blonyx from our website in the future
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