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Box Stalker Mens Review

Box Stalker

I'm very excited to bring you our next company, Box Stalker. Prior to receiving our shipment from them, I had been perusing their website and love their product. We received multiple items in the mail a few weeks ago; Heidi received a weight belt and wrist wraps; while I received a jump rope, wrist wraps, shorts, and a shirt.

The awesome thing about Box Stalker is that you can, in fact, get apparel and gear from them to address your unique CrossFit needs. Your WOD bag can be filled by just placing an order into Box Stalker.

I will hit on the gear real quick to start with. The jump rope I received is a great piece of equipment. It adjusts to how tall you are because it has a small screw attachment that allows you to make the rope shorter or longer depending on the person using it. In my case when I get tired my arms start extending out on my double-unders.. I make it longer, and because of this my trainer doesn't like me right now... The jump rope is thin and very quick so this rope tends to be better for the average to advanced double-under user. But excellent quality and sweet action design!

The wrist wraps are sweet action, as well; they have the Box Stalker design and logo on it with a white and black stripe on it. The wraps are stiff but not too stiff where it cuts into your hands and are excellent for wrist support as well as holding down your hand straps while doing pull ups etc.

The shirt I received was their Basic Barbell Club shirt , and it fits extremely well! Enjoyable to wear outside of the box. It doesn't have the uber-geek Crossfit look like some of the other stuff I love, but it does w
ash and hang well.

Now onto the shorts! This might be one of their best products that they have in stock. I have now tested approximately a dozen pair of WOD shorts. As my readers know, I love my Crossfit shorts! And I have truly tested some excellent pairs of shorts. Rack it up, Box Stalker has a phenomenal pair shorts for a couple of reasons! One, they have two exterior pockets, and that in itself scores major points. Your iPhone slides right into one of the exterior pockets, while the other exterior pocket's folds hold keys and other things just as well. I went running with them and they did excellent!  They are extremely comfortable and nonrestrictive. The inside has the extended stretch but the rest of the material also has a small amount of stretch as well which gives you that fluid range of motion while doing your workout.

I also wore them during a WOD which included a high-volume of overhead squats. The pair of shorts I have, the 'All-Green Pair,' are extremely lightweight and comfortable. Also, they have a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

We have some great companies that we are fortunate to work with, and now you can add another to that list! Box Stalker has fantastic customer service, some super communication, and quick shipping. I strongly recommend you log onto their website and order early and often. In fact, after using their gear and apparel Heidi and I are proud to call ourselves Box Stalker athletes!

By the way, when she sports her pink weightlifting belt in our box, it goes along with the rest of her pink gear!

No question, Box Stalker receives a very high grade from WODville and we look forward to doing more reviews and working with them in the future!
In the end, my final say is that Box Stalker gets a solid 3π thrusters out of 10.