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Easy Go Dispenser By Jason

Easy Go Dispenser
Up next for review is a fantastic product that we recently found out about, Easy Go Dispenser.  There are two main reasons why you need to purchase this product; number one, it’s a fantastic protein dispenser. Second of all, it’s developed by three military veterans. As most of you know the men and women who fight for our freedom holds a special place in our heart. Therefore, WODville is going to do everything we can to help these guys get their product of the ground!
Blake, Tony, and Michael met while serving our country in the Illinois Army National Guard. All three were deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Blake and Tony were later deployed to Afghanistan.  While on deployment, the three friends realized there was no easy way to make an instant protein shake, a common source of nutrition for combat soldiers. What they really needed was something portable and convenient to store, carry, and dispense a pre-measured amount of protein powder. Upon returning home, the three veterans teamed up to develop the EGD Pro™ Dispenser. In discussing this with friends and family, they realized that not only did combat soldiers and fitness enthusiasts need this product, but anyone who used baby formula as well, and the EasyGo Baby™ was born.

I have been using my Easy Go Dispenser now for a couple of weeks. Being that I am in law-enforcement and I am not able to take my breaks at a regular scheduled time this product has become invaluable. I attempt to take at least three servings of protein a day. During my work week I use this at least twice a day.

This truly is a fantastic product, being that it keeps your protein dry and stored in the bottom half of the container. When you are ready for a serving you twist the knob which then brings the right amount of protein to the top of the bottle. It also allows you to pour it into a regular water bottle shake and serve.

If you go to their website you will also see that they have developed a product for those with babies to help store baby formula.

As you can read above I'm sold on the product and I give them an A+ rating for product and use ability! I strongly encourage you to log on and purchase one of this Easy Go Dispenser. And support these three military veterans who have protected and served us!

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