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King Kong Apparel

WODville is excited to bring our first workout bag to you and it is an excellent piece of equipment. Better known as the King Kong Bag 2.0, is brought to you by King Kong Apparel.

This product is extremely spacious and definitely can hold all of your workout apparel and gear that you might need at your local box.

The material that its made out of is extremely durable and heavy duty. The canvas material provides a long-lasting gym bag.

The bag has dual shoe compartment, heavy-duty zippers, extra pouches, and the very appearance of the product screams durability. And their little dude on their logo throwing around some dumbbells is pretty Sweet Action! One of the things that drives me nuts about some of the top brand name backpacks are that after a few months the surface or the stitching begins to rip. This product is made with double stitching and very durable!

The other great thing with this bag is that it’s extremely useful for checking it onto an airplane. You can definitely fit two or three days’ worth of clothing in this bag for a small trip.

I have spent lots of money personally on backpacks/carry bags for school and the gym. This product without a doubt is superior to any product that I have ever owned. A great fit for the CrossFit community is King Kong Apparel. I give them an A+, it’s an excellent product!

They are soon to come out with their share of apparel; including shirts, hoodies, and hats.

This Crossfitter will be carrying a King Kong bag for a long time. I strongly encourage you to logon and check out their gear. Heidi will be writing a review on the backpack at a later date. Both come in three different colors black, gray, and red. I currently have the gray bag. King Kong has produced a great product and worth every penny you spend!