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Paleo Diet in a Box Review by Heidi

Here at WODville we get to review clothes, gear, and even CrossFit classes. But ask any Crossfit enthusiast or trainer, and they will tell you a large percentage of their fitness success is based on their diet.  In our home, we decided to go Paleo, I do not respond well to simple carbs and with a family history of cancer I wanted a clean diet. As we made this transition, we felt like death! No energy, and basically went through a two week window of our bodies throwing tantrums for taking their sugar away. We did not ease into it... simply went full paleo detox, cold turkey! We felt lethargic and had no endurance for workouts.

Around week two we learned of Paleo Diet in a Box. The beauty of this plan is it not only takes you to an end result that works, but it educates you along the way. As a woman who is changing her diet for health reasons, I find it easier to turn down refined sugar when I know HOW it contributes to cancers and other health issues. Paleo diet in a box teaches you not only a successful system of food preparation options and how to eat as an athlete, but also how your body responds to every kind of ingredient. 

I can honestly say that Paleo Diet in a Box is a foolproof way of eating clean. I am a full-time mom, wife, employee and now a part-time student, the fact that I can eat clean with a reasonable preparation schedule is huge! The best part, the recipes! Paleo alone simply gives you a list of have and have nots, in this program there are recipes for dressings and condiments I have never found elsewhere.  

The PDIAB site is done well, with tons of information. I have quoted them below, but also linked their site. If you are stuck with your diet, or spending money counting points or calories, STOP! Try this program. While the weight loss will come with clean eating, you will also rid your body of toxic junk and get your health back. (Can't really say that about a frozen weight watchers meal!) There are also several support groups and chat groups on fb and twitter as well as in the system itself. Justin's customer service is great, and I have never had a question go unanswered.

Here is a brief description from the site: Click here to sign up today!
 You may feel that you’re starving yourself, when you know you need to be eating more and are still storing fat? Maybe you can’t get rid of that spare tyre and find it hard to kick the rubbish food? If you don’t have a clue about what to eat and when then Paleo In A Box is for you.
I’ve developed a complete system for you that won’t only teach you what to eat and when but that will also keep you full all day long, while gradually phasing you into Paleo until it feels completely natural for you.Making sure you perform in your WODs is a top priority, but if you find yourself getting BORED with the food you’re eating, you may find yourself slipping off the Paleo wagon. What happens then? The food you’re eating makes your strength and performance suffer. It’s a vicious cycle that many athletes fall into, with no real specific solution to the problem… until today!
The big problem you may have found is that you were expected to ditch your normal lifestyle right away and adopt a Paleo one overnight. This presents many problems. What we need to do is take a look at where you are now and build up your Paleo over a period of time so it feels and becomes natural. Then we can start to look at tweaking and increasing performance and making you lean and cut.
A New Nutrition System That Is Paleo Friendly,Specifically Designed For This Sport & Takes Into Account Your Life In The 21st Century…
Many people have felt terrible on Paleo and still have a middle band around their stomachs that they find hard to shift, but getting out of that annoying ‘plateau’ doesn’t have to be a struggle if you understand how your body is working and you have a system that doesn’t ever leave you hungry and that keeps your energy up all day by balancing out your blood sugar levels.
There’s no need to starve yourself on Paleo, there’s no need to fear foods, there’s no need to keep weight around your belly and you can achieve all of your goals and maintain the performance within your WODS if you follow this new and exciting training system complete with video modules, audios, recipes, plans, cheat sheets and much, much more. Designed for WOD Athletes, by WOD Athletes.