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REEBOK NANO 3.0 Jason's Review

Okay let's talk about these new Reebok Nanos 3.0’s. Just so that you understand my progression, I have owned a large number of minimal cross training shoes starting with New Balance, K Swiss, Inov8, and Reebok Nano2.0 and now 3.0s.

So with that in mind, I believe I have a pretty good understanding when it comes to feel, comfort support, and wear of minimal shoes. Prior to owning Reebok shoes, I was one of the old-school type Crossfitters that did not want to spend my money on expensive Reebok product.

But everybody that I worked out with told me how comfortable they were to wea,r so I broke down and purchased the 2.0’s. Prior to that purchase, my Inov8 195s were my favorite and I still run in those for long distance.

But Instantly, after I put the 2.0s on my feet I was hooked. I love my 2.0’s! So a few weeks ago my 3.0s arrived in the mail. It should also be known that with both my 2.0s and my 3.0s I ordered a half size smaller. They both fit well. I like my workout shoes to fit snug!

So now let's talk 3.0. I really like these. They do fit a little different from my 2.0s. The instep is a little bit snugger. And the toe box is a bit narrower. The 3.0 is a very good shoe and appears to be extremely durable. Personally I still like the 2.0s a little better, but it truly is a result of the way that my foot fits inside the shoe. Each person could be different. But the appearance and durability of the 3.0 it is excellent.

Reebok has done well keeping up with Crossfitters and I will order more in the future. As I have already pointed out, I will still purchase Inov8 in the future for long distance running. But I will more then likely try the Reebok Speed before that… Why because I’m a Crossfit nerd!
So in recap, order a half size less and if you have to have the 3.0s you won’t be disappointed. But also understand the 2.0s are still the best shoe I’ve ever owned!


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