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StrongerRX Gloves Review


ALRIGHT, here we go, StrongerRX is our next company up for review.  I will be reviewing their gloves and Heidi will be producing a review on a later date regarding their fancy new compression socks.

So as you know we have been CrossFitting for close to three years and I've never used gloves during a CrossFit workout. In the past, I have used straps and natural grips for pull-ups or kettlebell swings in high-volume. But I have been looking forward to giving these gloves a run for their money.

I was excited to give them a shot seeing as I had multiple pull-up workouts lined up for this last week. For starters, they stood up well on the Murph workout. Second of all, another one of our WODs during the week included a considerable amount of KB swings as well as pull-ups. In both workouts the gloves did fantastic. They held up, formed to the hands, and stayed exactly where I wanted them to extremely well.

It is beyond me when CROSSFITTERS tell you that the rite of passage is having ripped hands. All ripped hands do is slow your training and prevent you from training to your highest potential!

That is why products like this are such a benefit to your training. I am veritably ecstatic that StrongerRX has come on board with us and we truly look forward to reviewing more of their merchandise in the future. They also have a large amount of apparel in the way of shirts and shorts.

Also, while we're on apparel, they have a fantastic shirt that is red, white, and blue that states “Become Stronger” across the front. I absolutely love anything patriotic, as most of our readers know, and this is one that is right up there with the best. This comes in men's T-shirt and women's tank top.

They are in the process of coming out with a line of compression socks. I have checked out the socks out that Heidi will be doing her review on and they appear to be made with excellent material, they stretch well and are very colorful. Keep an eye out for Heidi's review on those in the next few weeks. Across the board, StrongerRX is a fantastic company, with great communication and customer service. We look forward to bringing you other reviews about their products in the future, so log-on and order early and often. Much love to StrongerRX!

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