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A big Congratulations to Natural Grip on their deal in the Shark Tank!

WODville has done 3 reviews for post-ripped hands, and RIPT Skin System also has pre-rip solutions, but today we want to being to the readers of WODville a great solution for while you’re working out.

The Natural Grips is the product! For only $15 you can save your hands from ripping! This product rapes over your middle finger and ring finger. It then runs down your palm and past your wrist. This product covers the area that you are most likely to rip.

There are other products on the market today, but those products cut into your wrist and bunch up while you’re trying to do high volumes of movements. I wear my The Natural Grips  while doing pull-ups or toes-to-bar. They are extremely effective in protecting your hands.

The other nice part of The Natural Grips is that they are easy to put on. You can strap them down either by using your wrist wraps or you can tape them down. My preference is taping them down. That way they stay in one place.

When I first started crossfitting years ago, your right of passage was to rip your hands. This is just silly to me. All it does is jacks up and slows down your training. That's why this is such a great product! You place your order by sending them your ring size. This way you get a custom fit.

Product Description

The Natural Grip is made out of a Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape that provides excellent tensile strength and superior comfort. It has a Latex free adhesive. Our cotton tape material is a superior quality and is not able to be bought in local athletic stores. The material used is high-quality porous so it is NOT washable but it is breathable. Also they are handmade to fit based off of your ring finger size. They will last 3-6 months depending on frequency of use. The Natural Grips are easily secured with your own wrist wraps or athletic tape. We do recommend that you tightly attach your grips around the wrist in order to prevent them from slipping during your WOD.
Out of all of the gear you will invest into your WOD bag this is a must purchase. SUPER PRODUCT!  Log onto to

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