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Drink PowerCoCo Review

PowerCoCo Review

This week we received a case of PowerCOCO In the mail. The part that intrigued me about this product was that it is not a recovery drink but hydration drink. This item is Crossfit's version of Gatorade or power aid, minus all the garbage in it.
PowerCoco is your answer to natural electrolyte hydration that tastes great, has low calories, low sugar, 6X the potassium of leading sports drinks, is gluten free, GMO free and Paleo friendly. Available in 5 exciting flavors like Lemon Lime, Orange, Fruit Punch, Blue Rasberry and Grape.

I got to tell you, that when I saw the lack of sugar that are normally in all the sugar sports drinks I thought to myself that the taste was going to be a little rough. NOT SO! My personal favorite is Lemon lime!  If you're need is to hydrate PowerCoCo is the solution! Crossfit friendly!! I have drunk PowerCOCO twice during my workouts. It for sure scores high with me. I hate drinking water during my WODs, and I thank we have found the answer!

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