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ENERGYbits Review


 Score! Our next product for review is ENERGYbits. It’s a fantastic product that I took right before doing the “Hotshot 19” workout last week and had phenomenal time as a result of taking this product. I had worked a long 12 hour shift before going to workout then took the energy tablets about 20 minutes before class. When we started I didn’t feel anything. Then all of a sudden about 10-15 minutes into the class; Boom, the energy kicked in.

 I’ve used ENERGYbits now four times and every time without question felt an extra burst of energy during the workout. All four workouts in which I took the product were long extended WODs. I love this product and will continue to purchase ENERGYbits.

They are small energy tablets that boost your energy and productivity during that long WOD!

For CROSSFIT, you need glucose and protein and for a really top performance, your muscles need rapid access to them. This is why nitric oxide is so important. It opens up blood vessels so key nutrients can quickly get where they need to go. Our algae tabs are the trifecta of nutrition because they provide your body with glucose, protein and even nitric oxide. All naturally too. The algae tabs have the highest concentration of protein in the world (over 60%), all in amino acid form so it quickly converts to glucose. This gives you an energy boost and mental wake up without chemicals, sugar or caffeine  All for just one calorie per tab. The recommend is ENERGYbits algae tabs (which are 100% spirulina)  for any athletic or high endurance activity.   Spirulina algae has been a favorite of Olympic athletes and trainers for decades. You'll find out why the first time you try them.  Win the game of health and so much more with ENERGYbits algae tabs.
Best for:

 ~Increasing Energy
~Increasing Endurance
~Increasing Stamina

~Increasing Mental Focus

~Increasing High Quality Protein

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