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G2OH - Heidi's Review

G2OH Sent me a couple great products to review! One is the ladies snatch tee shirt that is shown to the right. It has a great fit and personally I can't wait to have the weather cool down a bit so I can wear it to class more often. I love the product G2OH puts out because the print is done well, the ability to wear it to class is good. But I love being able to throw it on with jeans too. I have washed it several times and it does great, I do not dry most of my tops so haven't noticed any shrinkage. It is not the traditional stiff cotton shirt, instead it is the super softy blend. The cut seems to be in the jr's sizes, so I ordered a size up and it fits great.

The other item G2OH sent me actually makes me sad that fall weather is coming! Luckily they have it in a tee as well. This tank is a favorite, and has a saying on it that I have joked about for a long time. The "I RX'd the Warm Up" tank is perfect for us cross fitters that take ourselves a little too seriously, and we mean it....we DID RX the warm up! ha!! I love the novelty items that make our workouts fun,  and while this is a "fun" item , it's made from the same kinds of great fabric as the tee above. The sizing is closer on this one, I usually like a medium, so ordered a large. I have plenty of room and almost too much, I do dry this one and probably would have been fine with a medium.   Great quality items, and perfect to get for holiday gifts for your favorite cross fitter who has everything!