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JekyllHyde Apparel

This week, JekyllHyde Apparel arrived in house. Heidi and I have now reviewed close to 30-40 different companies regarding Crossfit gear or apparel and not a lot of stuff gets me as pumped and excited as much as when we received our first orders of Hurt Locker or Hylete way back when we first started. I know when we have a shipment that has come in because there are boxes sitting on top of the pool table in the front living room area, and the moment I walked in the door, I noticed Heidi was excited about the sweatshirt that she had received from JekyllHyde. (She'll write a review and give you a little bit more info on that at a later date). I received their red white and blue patriotic shirt along with their red pair of shorts that have the JH on it. Jokingly, we said JekyllHyde had made some custom shorts for us, standing for Jason and Heidi.

So to say the least I was pretty pumped with the product that we received in the mail. I wore it to the gym within two hours of receiving it. Both items shirt and shorts are true to size and fit excellent!

 I truly love the design of the shirt and, as most of our readers know, I am very patriotic. I Love this shirt.  As a matter of fact, know this; it’s a Saturday afternoon right now and I plan on wearing the shirt to teach Sunday School in the morning! It has the American flag on the right sleeve with the stars leading us into battle and has a cool design on the shoulder as well. However, I'm not going to give you all the details away regarding the shirt, that way you’ll have to log onto their webpage and view it for yourself.

The shorts are different than any other shorts that I have reviewed to date, despite me now having approximately a dozen Crossfit shorts from different companies. The shorts actually have a bit of elastic give in the waste for movement; approximately an inch to an inch and a half.  The design layout of the shorts are excellent and there is no restriction of movement.

 Also, JekyllHyde staff has been super to deal with. From the time the order was placed, to the time it was on our door step was 48 hours! THAT is amazing! Super customer service! On top of all this, they also have some other excellent designs and future products coming out. There is no question that they are true Crossfitters and cater to the CrossFit community.

I love their gear and apparel and truly look forward to writing future reviews. You really need to log on a purchase their gear ASAP!

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