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King Kong Back Pack - Heidi's Review

 Need a great gym bag? King Kong Apparel has one for you.  The perfect gym bag for the guys and the girls.

If you are a crossfitter you know that there are several things we must always have on hand: jumprope, wraps, shoes, belt...and the list goes on. Pair that with the possibility of being pale and you add food to that mix as well.

I am a compartment person, I would prefer that my protein not be up against my shoes, or have my sweaty hand wraps near my snacks. While I have every backpack  known to man, I love this one! It has solved those issues for me by creating not only compartments and pockets, but making them specific for what I need. There are pockets that are clearly specific for may laptop, protein cups or water bottles, and mesh pockets for things that may need to air out. There is a private pocket for small things like keys and phone as well as a headphone portal, which is nicely enclosed.

The best part about this bag is the fact that it opens all the way up. I will be using it to travel and it seems to be TSA friendly. When you can open it that wide, it just makes traveling easier.

The straps are very wide, which is great since it holds a lot of stuff! While it isn't a "girly" bag, it's definitely durable and versatile. I haven't needed to wash it, but knowing at some point protein will be spilled, I think it would was nicely. The rugged design comes in a few colors and makes a great gift for any student or gym rat you might know.