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RockWOD Apparel

RockWOD Apparel

Up next is RockWOD Apparel, which is truly a Crossfit inspired company. RockWOD is out of Indian Harbour Beach, FL  and it only takes you about two seconds on their website to realize that they are true CrossFitters at heart.

Heidi and I received a couple of items in from them a few weeks ago. Regarding their shirts; they are extremely comfortable, easy to wash and great to wear. The tri-blend shirt fit excellent. As for the intellectual content of their shirts, they’re not always G-Rated. So you can tell that some of their shirts are a bit wild, at least we know they’re very punny. Do not take what I’m saying the wrong way, it’s not as if they’re working out of Gomorrah. : )

Returning to the physicality of the shirt, it works just like a shirt should. With a barrel-chested, tapered-arm cut, it makes any man feel and look like the manly man. It fits like a charm, running true to size, fitting me (I wear XL) just as snug and just as loose as I’d expect it to. An ideal lounging and working fit.

On a side note, Heidi will be producing a review of her tank top that she received as well. I strongly encourage all WODville readers to logon and check their website out, the quality of anything you order from them will not be a disappointment!

Not only do they do Crossfit T-shirts, but they also have a series of hats and wrist reps as well. We look forward to seeing RockWOD shorts come out soon. Their logo and general design is awesome!! Their logo is very unique, which makes their product easy to market.

We strongly encourage you to log on and check their gear/apparel out, you will not be disappointed in the least. We here at WODville are excited to call ourselves RockWOD athletes.
RockWOD is a A+ CF Company!
Twitter at @RockWODApparel
And check their webpage at
“Written” by Jason