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Hylete Sweatshirt Review

Hylete Sweatshirts
As you know, some cool weather is upon us and it’s starting to get a bit chilly outside these days, even including Northern California. It's time to pull out those sweatshirts you’ve had stashed away, but before you do that, we just might have the product for you. Hylete has a line of sweatshirts that are extremely comfortable and fashionable. As most of our readers know we are humongous Hylete fans seeing as they trusted us when we first started. They were one of our very first companies to come on board with us, but that is not the only reason why we show loyalty to them. Their apparel is “Sweet Action.”

Last week, Heidi and I both received our sweatshirts in the mail. I got the “Charcoal with Yellow Logo” and Heidi got the “Light Gray with Pink Logo.”

I've now washed mine a couple of times being that I wore it for some early morning training. And let me say that they wash very well and are super comfortable. Heidi only has a couple of sweatshirts that she loves to wear, but her Hylete sweatshirt has definitely become one of those.

So CrossFitters listen up. You will not be disappointed with Hylete. If there is one thing to pay attention to when purchasing Hylete, one should know that if you’re on the fence, take the larger size. Heidi and I now have about 10-15 Hylete items in our closet, and we love them. Oh, and my 17 year old (My editor, LJ) has stolen one of my shirts.
(He’s also constantly tempted to plant messages in the reviews because he might slip them by, like this sentence.)

As you can see in the photos these are great looking sweatshirts. And with our WODVILLE discount, you can't go wrong! As with everything that Hylete produces, you’ll only receive the highest of quality. Also, Heidi and I hope to review their gym bag in the very near future.

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