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SKINS Review

SKINS               Let me start by saying that I am extremely excited to bring to you our next company. I have worn compression pants during certain CrossFit workouts for the last three years. My ignorant, preconceived and devilish thoughts on compression pants were that they are all the same. I've seen the big-name Crossfit athletes wear Skins and thought that it was just another gimmick. Since starting WODville, we had contact with Skins regarding doing a review. A couple of days ago we received product in the mail (Heidi will be doing the women's capris and running calf compressions from Skins). I received the A200 compressions, top and bottoms.

So I wore them to the box the night that I received them in the mail because our workout had a high-volume of box jumps, burpees, and double unders.

I immediately noticed a difference in warm-up while running a 400m. I felt more energy immediately in my legs and the support that came along with it. In the past,
I’ve purchased $10 and $15 pairs of cheap compression pants off of eBay and they would give some support, but nothing even close to what I received from wearing Skins. Within 4-5 minutes into our WOD, I immediately began to notice the difference in my legs because I had just gone unbroken through my first round.

In fact, this WOD went for 32 minutes and my legs still felt fresh and ready for more!                               

This review is not going to get into the scientific evidence of why and how Skins work (mostly because, in truth, I couldn’t tell you the difference from an oboe to an elbow, heh, band humor). But what I can tell you in this review is that they work! No doubt about it, no question; it's worth the hundred dollars you're going to pay for Skins over the $15 pair of cheap compressions that you'll purchase at Walmart, Target, or eBay.

The only thing that I would say is that the product does run a little smaller to size; at least for men. Heidi is still reviewing the products that she received and obviously her body type is much different and she might have a different response to this issue!

In the last couple days I've done a large amount of squats with a moderate to heavy weight. I haven't taken any of my BLONYX (which I love) over the last week or so. With that combination I normally would be extremely sore. However, I strongly believe that as a result of wearing skins it has reduced stiffness. And at the age of 42, this kind of product will pay heavy dividends and assist in my training.

Let me stand on my soapbox and say it now, Skins are fantastic and I am sold on their product 100%. Going into the fall and winter months, this will be a great product to have during those cold WODS!

CROSSFITTERS spend the extra money and get a real product that does what it says.