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Stronger RX - Heidi's Review - Recovery Socks

Why do you need recovery socks? If you have ever had surgery or an issue with circulation, you're probably able to answer that, along with describe the pasty white ones the hospital gives you. But what about the healthy athlete? Why on earth would a crosfitter need them? Here are a few reasons:

1. They stimulate circulation
2. Improves oxygen delivery to the muscles
3. Reduces the production of lactic acid
4. Proven cramp and soreness relief (that one alone is enough for me)

Like a compression pant, or shirt, these are simply socks. I have seen people wear them during the class, personally I can't handle that, but chase a long class with a hot shower and then add these….perfection. 

For ladies like me there are other benefits too. I live in high heels, which can be a little rough on the calves, coming home after work and putting these on while I make dinner or just hang around makes my feet and ankles recover nicely. 

There's several ways they can be used, like airplane or long car commutes when your sitting for great lengths of time. Or simply sleeping in them when you have trained the calves super hard. 

Of course for us ladies, the socks I have by Stronger RX are super cute, unlike the funky hospital version! Great to add as a piece of equipment, or even to train in. Made well, high quality fabric, I am hard on mine as I run around on tile and wood floors and have no snags or tears. I do hang them to dry to preserve the compression. 

If you're shopping for the hard to buy cross fitter, these would make a great Christmas gift….or if you're just wanting them for yourself, they could be worked in to your santa look!!