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Recently while we were on vacation we had the opportunity to visit Crossfit Nashville. Let me start off by saying what an awesome experience it was to get the train with the owner and coach Preston Soechting. He is a retired US Army Capt. and was 4 years active-duty to serve and protect our great country.

We were only able to take one class at CrossFit Nashville, but I could tell you this I would have no problem calling it my home box. We both would love to train there in the future. Heidi and I enjoyed our time there and instruction we received from Preston. There is a fun atmosphere to train in and his clients were extremely friendly and supportive during the workout.

CrossFit Nashville has a wide range of different class times. As for Preston’s style of teaching, he is an excellent coach. I could tell right away that one of his gifts and abilities was mobility. We spent a good 10 minutes stretching with bands.

Preston is very technical and he instructs in fine detail. He is very easy to learn from. You can also tell he loves his job and is a true Crossfitter!
If you live in the Nashville area I strongly encourage you to give Crossfit Nashville a shot. And if you're traveling it's a must visit, its a spacious box with lots of equipment. I also got to swing my first 96 pound kettle bell.

We sooooo much want to retire in the Nashville area, and would love to call Crossfit Nashville are home box and 7.5 years :) CFN is a super box and scores and A+ with Heidi and I! We have visited approximately 15-20 Crossfit locations in the last 3.5 years. CFN is one of the best!
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