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Goat Tape

Rolling into our countdown is Goat Tape. At first I thought that Goat Tape was Kinesiotape
and was in direct competition with Rock Tape, but it's not at all! Its basic sports tape on steroids!

Let me tell you a little bit about the company. First of all, they have superior customer support and have been extremely easy to work and communicate with. From the time that the order was placed, the product was on our doorstep in 48 hours.

Me, Heidi, and Brandon Hibler
Both owners have been very successful outside of CrossFit and are now here to leave their mark on the CrossFit community. As our readers know, (you’ve guessed what I’m about to say, huh? Considering I say it in every review now…) I’m extremely patriotic and often participate in the Murph workout during veteran and military style holidays. One of the owners was personal friends with Michael P. Murphy. (Murphy is one of my heroes)

The other owner George Kunhardt, has been very successful in the film industry. You can view both of their accomplishments on their website:

They recently came out with their own T-shirt in the normal CrossFit style soft material… with a big goat on the back! This brings up the next subject, what exactly are they trying to say by naming their company ‘Goat Tape?’ The purpose behind Goat Tape is a percentage of their profits go towards helping third-world countries purchase goats.

“Goat Tape donates a portion of sales to Mercy Corps, a global aid agency engaged in transitional environments that have experienced some sort of shock; natural disaster, economic collapse, or conflict. Mercy Corps uses this money to buy goats and other humanitarian aid for families in need.
 From high-value wool to nutritious milk, one little goat can make a big difference for families living in some of the world's poorest places.”

As for the product: they have succeeded in creating superior sports tape! I have used it to strap down my natural grips, hand grips and tape up my ankles for longer runs, and the cost is only $4.99. Their product is made for CROSSFITTERS with a much stronger stick factor, and they have made it to hold up to sweat! The roll I’ve been using is white with a blue goat head on it.

WODville gives the product a solid A and their customer service an A+!  Log on and order now, and don't forget to buy one of their sweet Goat shirts! We will also list all the Crossfit athletes they sponsor:

Annie Thorrisdottir, Ben Smith, Alec Smith, Rich Froning, Chris Spealler, Christy Phillips, Dave Durante, Diane Fu, Becky Conzelman, Talayna Fortunado, Gary Helmick, Alea Helmick, Bryant Pangelinan, Ian Berger, Christian Harris, Libby DiBiase

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