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Warrior Culture Gear

Warrior Culture Gear

We are extremely excited to bring to you our next review. A veteran of our military and a one-man wrecking crew runs this company. Warrior Culture Gear is next in line. WCG is tactical and crossfit!  His designs and layouts are fantastic! Recently we received some apparel in the mail!

So as most of our readers know, first of all we are Christians. Secondly Crossfitters, and third I’m a tactical officer. Warrior Culture covers three areas important to me!

So the first shirt that I pulled out the box was a shirt that talks about the warrior mentality. Across the front of the shirt it states "EMBRACE THE SUCK”. Translated the situation is bad, but find a way to deal with it. I love combining the warrior mentality with the CrossFit workout. When you're in the middle of that WOD and your lungs are on fire, learn to embrace it. On the back is states "BECOMES THE WARRIOR".

I also received two other patriotic shirts as shown in this review, and I wear all three of them often. If you're patriotic and love your country, Warrior Culture is a place to spend your money. Especially for those people in your family that are Americans. With Christmas right around the corner what a perfect gift!

Heidi also received a few items from Warrior Culture as well. She loves the pink shirt "Drive on Dominate".  She also sports her "GAISCEDACH" sweatshirt often. The meaning behind this man if prowess (in arms) hero, or warrior.

We are also going to do a blog give away of one of their fine shirts. St. Michael the Archangel T-shirt has an awesome design on the back. The shirt that we are going to feature and giveaway is a size medium. (Simple message us and tell us why you deserve it) or comment below!

To say the least I'm very pumped and excited about the products that WCG has on their website. As a matter fact, there are two shirts that I didn't order and will be on my Christmas list. They have a phenomenal Armor of God shirt, as well as, another patriotic shirt that I absolutely love. I will continually check their website out for new and exciting designs. Faith based, tactical and God/Country..SCORE ! Warrior Culture has it covered!

And if you need to know the shirts wash well and are true to size.. This Crossfit tactical company scores extremely high marks with me.

By the way when you're in the middle of the next chipper and it's crushing you..  just Embrace the Suck!

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