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Patriotic/FitnessWear Score!!! Our next company up for review is Rogue American excellent product right off the get-go! They specialize in patriotic/warrior apparel. They're shirts are made with the highest of quality and the T-shirts are made with that basic soft material that most Crossfitters have become accustomed. 

So I’m going to approach this review in two directions; first, to my fellow crossfitters. If you’re looking for something a little different, but patriotic for the next workout I've got a new company for you. Rogue American is it. Their designs are also very much high-end (something nice and casual to wear out to dinner). They have some excellent designs. So the next time you go to crush that Murph WOD you will have some American made patriotic swag to sport.

Recently Heidi and I received a shipment, one shirt for each of us, as well as a hat. Absolutely love the hat!!   The hat comes in different colors but has the Rogue American logo on the front with the Velcro patch (if you want to put another patch over the front of it). Something those within the tactical community have become accustomed to.

They also carry CrossFit style shorts, hoodies, wrist wraps, and small backpacks. 

I recently wore my St. Michael’s shirt to work out in. It functioned very well being true to form and comfort!

Secondly, To my fellow tactical operators, this is a company that you truly need to check out as far as their designs. Their apparel will be a great addition to your tactical wear! Its important to support a fellow trigger puller.

Another great feature about Rogue American is that they also give part of their earnings to Brothers in Arms Foundation, a nonprofit that assists veterans with financial support.

Rogue American is owned and operated by a former Marine, that served in Afghanistan and other violent parts of the globe. For that WODville is extremely grateful for his service. We strongly believe in supporting those who have sacrificed much for the security and safety of our country.

WODville strongly encourage you to visit their designs and order from them. They have in fact produced a great product and have superior designs! 

RAA keep the great gear and apparel coming, you have a fan with us!