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We here at WODville are excited to bring you a new piece of equipment that you need to add to your CrossFit gym bag. The product is made by rumble roller. The massage balls has become a mainstay in the Hensley house. They have two versions: the original beastie and the extra firm beastie. The product also comes with two instructional DVDs. The DVDs are easy for anybody to follow and use. It is invaluable for someone who is a trainer to learn different areas for mobility, as well as, massage of deep tissue.

Jeff Alexander does a superior job in demonstrating and explaining the different movements that are necessary for mobility related to muscle tightness etc. 

Last week we took both of the beasties into our box and immediately both of our trainers begin to inquire and sample it. Both of our trainers provided extremely positive reviews to the product as well. 

I strongly suggest starting off with the original beastie before graduating to the X-firm. It does cut into the muscle fiber but also provides quick relief too sore and exhausted muscles.

Last week we did a high number of overhead squats blasting my core and my legs. I spent 20 minutes prior to my next work out with the beastie and I was amazed by the productivity that I had in my next workout. 

If you are a CrossFit then you understand the importance of rolling out and extending those muscles to perform at a higher level. Log on to they also have other products that we look forward to reviewing in the future.

So dump that cheap cross ball and score a beastie!!  The beastie will get much deeper into the muscle tissue and provide greater results in your mobility and muscle recovery!

Also what a great Christmas gift for that special cross fitter!

RumbleRoller Beastie®

Beastie Series products expand the RumbleRoller experience to provide more intense, versatile, portable, and affordable massage options. The Beastie is an aggressive massage ball that is the heart of this series.

Beasties Series products don't replace the RumbleRoller, but they are more specific in purpose. Use them to dig deeper into a troublesome area, or to work with greater detail on smaller muscles – e.g. those of the forearms and calves.