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C R O S S F I T 407

Head Trainer Luke and Owner Ron
I want to tell you about a great crossfit location that we visited while on vacation at Disney World, Crossfit 407. We took one of their classes on a Wednesday at 8am. Head trainer Luke Seifert, also our instructor, was super knowledgeable at his craft and taught us a movement that we had never seen before! The movement was called a Kang Squat and is great for hamstring mobility. Luke was excellent at explaining it and coaching us through the movement.
The layout of their box isn't too big, however, they have done a great job using the space they have! One of the cooler features of this box is the two 50 inch TV's installed in the workout area. We did all our waiver info on the computer and Luke also pulled up the whole workout and displayed it on the TV.
Crossfit 407 also just brought in Under Armor clothing as their primary apparel company, while having some very cool designs of their own. A few months ago, I had the privilege of meeting their owner Ron Batista; he's on staff and is very knowledgeable regarding Crossfit and is a true Crossfitter!

As soon as we walked in the door, staff and clients were very friendly and welcomed us. Luke was great during the WOD as well. He wasn't "one of those" kinds of trainers, instead, he stayed engaged with his clients until the end of the WOD, motivating us to finish strong! At the end of the WOD, he went to each of his clients highfiving  and fist bumping us!
We had an absolute great experience at 407 and will return to WOD with them the next time we go to Orlando.
P.S. Ron, you do owe WODville a class :) . Nonetheless, Crossfit 407 scores an A+.