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Hylete Inov8

A few weeks ago I received my Hylete Inov8's in the mail. I had long been anticipating the arrival of the shoes. As I stated in prior reviews, over the last year and a half I've been wearing my Reebok Nanos. However, one of my very first pairs of CrossFit shoes that I purchased many years ago were in fact Inov8's. They were the 195's.  

The last few weeks Heidi and I have both been adding extended running to our workouts, in way of 4 to 6 miles per workout. I've designated the shoes that I received, which are the Inov8 252's, as my running shoes, seeing as I wanted extra support and a not-so minimal design. These shoes have served excellent for running and have performed in Crossfit WOD's extremely well! 

I also enjoyed the fact that they shipped these shoes with multiple colors of shoestrings. It allows you to have a different pair of shoes in appearance. Though you don't change your shoestrings daily it is a cool feature to have available.

The great thing about ordering from Hylete is that you can use our promo code wodville25 and receive 20%  off. 

At the end of the day, Hylete does not fail to impress just as much as they did yesterday. What a great combination to bring these two companies together, both of them have a very high standard of excellence!

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  1. Tremendously good!I think this is the best innovation of Inov till now.And that tiny logo is looking so perfect there.It also seems to be very comfortable.I think this new version is gonna be the best cross training shoes for me.