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C R O S S F I T 209 Trainer Vince Carter

C R O S S F I T 209 Trainer Vince Carter
Jason, Vince, and Heidi after class...

This last Monday, Heidi and I got to join trainer Vince Carter in his BOX that he co-owns with Gabe Subry, Crossfit 209. What a phenomenal experience we had. Vince is a fantastic trainer/instructor and a strong motivator. Crossfit 209 has been one of the major Crossfit players in Northern California for many years. Vince has also established a Crossfit football program that is second to none, which we will review at another time.

As for our experience at 209, we were received well by their clients and had a fantastic training experience with Vince. Our workout was 3–6–9–12–9–6–3 overhead squats, GHD, 200m run. It had been 6 to 7 months since I had done any GHDs, so, to say the least, my abs were screaming for the next two days. Our strength portion was fine-tuning our snatch. He is a very technical driven instructor and did a fantastic job fine-tuning some of the small areas that we needed to improve upon. As I have pointed out in the past, Heidi is very strong. Vince had her lifting close to her PR without even pushing it.

WODville is very excited about training with Vince in the future. We are also going to be doing our open CrossFit workout at 209 this year. Every week after we do the open, I will write a quick review of my thoughts and will continue to write on our experience at Crossfit 209.

It's amazing to me how you can go from west coast to the east coast and experience fantastic solid quality training. Two weeks ago we were in Orlando, Florida working out a Crossfit 407, and come home and get the opportunity to work out at Crossfit 209. We absolutely love the Crossfit community! As you know we are also born-again Christians and strong believers. It's nice to get to work out with another brother in Christ, Vince Carter!

Vince’s co-owner/ partner Gabe, has competed in the CrossFit games over the last few years and is a force to be reckoned with on the big stage. He has some big hitters that he will be competing with this year, but I can promise you one thing; He’ll be right up there with all the big names in Crossfit.

We have a lot of friends that work out at Crossfit 209 and they love their experience there. One of the reasons why I initially was interested in becoming a Crossfitter was my friendship with Matt Mascara who is a mainstay at CrossFit 209. Matt has dumped over 100+ pounds and has kept it off. Matt, in his own right, is a CrossFit beast. Matt’s wife Amie Mascara also works out there and is good friends with Heidi! They are also WODville athletes.
Vince Carter in action

To the staff at 209, we look forward to joining you in the weeks to come, and having some fun doing the open workouts with you. If you live in the great Stockton, Ca area you need to come meet and train with Vince! Great trainer and strong believer!